Technology, Innovation & Decarbonisation in the Energy Sectors

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Tuesday 28 March 2023
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09:10 Welcome speech
Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group International

Panel 1: The Template for a Robust and Sustainable POC – How to Build Effective Data Foundations and successfully Align Business Objectives

  • The Connected Digital Twin – Successfully creating modularity in technology
  • Developing Practical and High Value use cases and frameworks – How to start small, think fast and scale quickly
  • Adopting a Hybrid “Build-Buy” Approach – How to enable open standards for interoperability at pace?
  • How to overcome Data Siloes and Isolated Business Processes – Understanding long term adoption and the sustainability of a Digital Twin
  • Should platforms be agnostic to the application layer – Assessing flexibility and interoperability

Steffan Sorenes, Leading Advisor, Plant IT Architecture & Integration, Equinor
Luke Kendall, SVP, Kongsberg Digital
Hiren Thacker, Digitalisation Lead, Shell
Wassim Ghadban, VP, Global Innovation and Digital Engineering, Kent
Hari Ramani, General Manager, Digital Innovation, P&T Technology, Shell

Maisa Monteiro Da Cunha, Drilling and Wells Ambition Area Owner, TotalEnergies

10:20 “In Conversation”- with Shane McArdle, CEO, Kongsberg Digital

Panel 2: Exploring The Role of Digital Twin and Asset Performance Management – Delivering High Fidelity and Real Time Data of Operational Assets

  • How can a Digital Twin be an enabler for Innovation – Adopting new and innovative methods within physical infrastructure operations
  • Implementing an effective Data Layer – How do we transform digital from a technology to an ecosystem
  • Reconfiguration, Configuration and Planning – Understanding asset related decision making and Digital Twin Modelling
  • Inspection Twins and Performance Twin – How Digital twins assist with re-purposing of legacy infrastructure
  • Understanding Data Modelling and Analytics - Creating an open data platform through consolidated data capture

Chitrita Bhattacharya, Global Demand Planning & Strategy Leader, Upstream & Integrated Gas IT Operations, Shell
Juan Pedro Bretti Mandarano, Digital Transformation Global Advisor, Repsol
Dr. Subrata Bhownik, Principal Engineer - Global Innovation, McDermott International
Dr. Edmary Altamiranda, Control Systems Lead R & D, Concept Development & Technology, AkerBP
Dr. Abdullah Al Halafi, Network and Systems Specialist, Digital Twin, Saudi Aramco

11:50 PRESENTATION: From Engineering to Operations… the business case for a Full Lifecycle Digital Twin
Russell Herbert, Industry Principal, Oil, Gas & Energy, AVEVA

Panel 3: Behavioural Change and Harmonising Data – Understanding the Challenges of Digital Twin Integration

  • How to become “Outcome Focussed” – How a Digital Twin can help data adjust from an end to end work flow perspective
  • Overcoming Data Siloes and Isolated Business Processes – Understanding the “Agile” way
  • How Can Culture Beat Strategy - Determining the right processes for Digital Twin Deployment
  • What does Digital twin Integration mean for Data Reliability, Availability and Security - How to Establish an “Innovation” mindset and creative workplace
  • Strategy, Capability, Curiosity and Desire – Generating a data driven culture

Sundeep Kamath, Head of Global Industry Innovation, Shell
Marcelo Gonella Fernandez, Product Owner for Digital Twin, Chevron
Dan Isaacs, CTO, Digital Twin Consortium
Christine Brandt Theodorsen, Project Manager IT Security, Leadership Development Equinor
Jeff Stroh, Senior Director, Digital and Analytics, McDermott International
Mark Wrzyszczynski, Business Opportunity Manager, LEAP, Shell


The Digital Thread for Engineering Documents
Andrew Bank, Strategy & Business Development, XSB / SWISS


Panel 4: Democratising AI - How Digital Twins can Help facilitate Responsible Artificial Intelligence

  • Adopting a user-centred approach – How to integrate employees in the design and development process
  • How to organically strengthen the data foundation – Data hygiene, data analytics and data Governance as the core team competencies
  • Overcoming Ethical, Reputational and Ethical risks – How to make AI useable
  • The Case for AI and Improved Efficiency – Adopting a Hybrid Modelling Approach
  • Understanding User Adoption and Training – Connecting the dots between data governance, open Sourcing and operational Models

Ralph Rio, VP, ARC Advisory Group
Mustafa Kara, Principal Data Scientist, Chevron
Jason Gislason, Chief Digital Officer, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
Haavard Oestensen, VP of Growth, Digital Twins, Kongsberg Digital
Walace Oliveira, Digital Transformation Lead, Data & Analytics Solutions, Petrobras
Seth Taylor, Smart Facilities Manager, Chevron

14:55 “In Conversation” with Monali Dash, Productivity COE Lead, ET & P, Shell
15:25 PRESENTATION: Digital Twin 2.0: The Next Generation of Asset Management in a Digital Twin
Floyd Baker, VP Americas, Antea
15:45 “Digital Twin Tech Talks” – “Future” Experts on Data Interoperability

With SPEAKERS: Shane McArdle, CEO, Kongsberg Digital, Martin R. Gonzalez, PhD, Connected Worker Team Leader, Digital Twin Product Owner, bp and Lisa Sacco, Business Venture Manager, ExxonMobil

Panel 5: Leveraging Digital Twins to Drive Energy Efficiency – Identifying new Collaborations and Consortiums Supporting Energy Transition

  • Understanding the integration of Hybrid Twins in an Energy Hub Context – Focussing on a traditional mix of CCUS, Hydrogen, Electrification and Wind
  • Creating an Energy System Twin supporting Decarbonisation – Assessing circularity in the value chain
  • Solving the Emission Challenges – How Digital Twin facilitates carbon capture, Utilisation, Storage (CCUS) storage, hydrogen infrastructure and renewable Energies
  • Improving Asset Sustainability and Efficiency through a Digital Twin – Enabling sustainable practices, transparency and accurate emission reporting
  • Modelling Data Through a Digital Twin – Incorporating real time data models for effective emissions management

Amit Jain, Advisor, Simulation, Chevron
Taoufik Ait-Ettajer, Subsurface Manager, Technology, E&P, Repsol

Miriam Archer, CCUS Digital Manager, slb
Shannon Geegan Katcher, VP Digital Innovation, GTI Energy
Mark Enzer, OBE, FREeng, Digital Twin Hub
Simon Evans, FIMechE, Global Digital Energy Leader, Arup and Strategic Board Member, Digital Twin Hub


Panel 6: Blockchain Based Traceability – Digital Twin, Smart Contracts and ESG

  • Understanding ESG Disclosures – Using Blockchain to align Sustainability Targets
  • “The Scope 1, 2 and 3 Emission Jungle” – Creating an effective distributed emissions ledger
  • How to Integrate Blockchain with a Digital Twin – Managing smart contracts for greener operations
  • Building Carbon offsets and Credits – Encouraging traceability and incorporating effective lifecycle management of the value chain
  • The Challenges of Blockchain for The Oil and Gas Industry – Exploring the limitations and evolving business models

Raquel B. Clement, Deputy Product Line Manager, Surface Digital Platform, Chevron
Adam P.Brown, Senior Counsel, IP Law, ExxonMobil
Alexis Pappas, Director and ESG Committee Chair, Canadian Blockchain Consortium
Michael Grieves, Executive Director & Chief Scientist, Digital Twin Institute
Raj Rapaka, Digital Transformation, Technology Scouting & Ventures Advisor, ExxonMobil

18:45 Close of conference - Closing Remarks with Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group International


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