Future Digital Twin

26-27 May 2021 

 * Subject to change

Day One: Wednesday 26 May 2021

08.40 Welcome Addresses
Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group International
08:50 Opening Keynote:
Lee Hodder, VP Upstream Digital Transformation, Shell
09:15 Panel 1: Defining Data for a Digital Twin – An insight into Data Driven Foundations

  • Understanding the value of Data contextualisation and Integration – The significance of reliable data management
  • Building effective IoT foundations - The comparison between static and dynamic data
  • Creating a data access plan – An analysis of data access processes
  • How does a digital twin support sensor data – The role of accurate decision making
  • The ability to liberate your data
10:15 Thought Leadership Presentation
Shane McArdle, SVP Production, Kongsberg Digital
10:40 Networking Break
11:00 Panel 2: How to achieve maximum value from the Digital Twin when implementing Machine Learning, Machine Vision and AI

  • The future of the Digital Twin – Adopting Machine learning to revolutionise the current model
  • The role of cognitive artificial intelligence - Human v Machine and Physical understandings v Mathematical insights
  • How AI intelligence plays a central role and maintaining Digital Twin Integrity
  • Best practices for reducing Digital Twin project risks – Lessons learned in the product lifecycle
11:50 Thought Leadership Presentation with FutureOn
12:10 Panel 3: Does the Digital Twin need to be a platform?

  • Improve efficiency and increased returns – Developing clear platform strategies accessible to all
  • An insight into Data, process and control analyses, Physical analyses, Operations and Maintenance
  • What are the bottom-line benefits by using the latest innovations – An insight into the value of predictive maintenance
  • Using data science as a platform: How is IOT integrated?
  • What opportunities arise from of using Edge/Cloud software and how do you measure their impact
13:35 Thought Leadership Presentation
Johan Nell, Partner, Baringa Partners
13:55 Panel 4: Change Management and Managing Disruption: How can a Digital Twin replicate the behaviour of a company

  • Managing the culture, change and transition – Assessing ultimate Capital potentia
  • The implementation of an 80-20 rule – 80% people and 20% Technology
  • Changing the workflow – Using Systemised and Demonstratable Rules and Laws
  • Integrating existing technology with latest generation IIoT, Edge devices and Advanced Analytics
14:45 Keynote Presentation
Steinar Eikaas, VP Low Carbon Solutions, Equinor
15:10 Panel 5: The Green Shift – How adopting a Digital Twin affects your Carbon Footprint

  • How to improve operational efficiencies and reduce overall emissions - An insight into power source alternatives, consequent waste emissions and elimination of flaring
  • Integrating an Energy Transition strategy: Optimise Energy and Installation to produce energy
  • Carbon capture, Utilisation, Storage (CCUS) storage and hydrogen infrastructure - What technology framework applies and how this effects development funding
  • The role of technology to decarbonise the customer – Storage and transportation
16:00 Private Workshop – Hosted by Kongsberg
16:10 Case Study
16:35 Panel 6: The production of a Digital Twin: Buy versus Build

  • Executing an effective plan once the Digital twin in installed
  • The growing importance of clean and trusted data – How to successfully integrate process and people
  • Digital Transformation and Open Innovation – Should we look from the outside to scale and thrive?
  • The future of Digital Twin partnerships – What opportunities will this present going forward?


Day Two: Thursday 27 May 2021

08:50 Introduction
09:00 Opening Keynote
09:15 Panel 7: What is a Digital Twin: Bridging the knowledge gap between and model and twin

  • What new business models are being created – how you develop a dynamic Digital Twin
  • How digitalisation liberates the process – How innovative models are used to impact your core production
  • How technologies such as IOT, Analytics and Digital twin are being optimised?
  • Optimising Production – Increasing production and enabling sustainable growth
10:00 Thought Leadership Presentation – Ramboll
Nadir Azam, Global Business Development Manager, Offshore Structure, Ramboll
Ulf Tyge Tygesen, Technical Development Manager, Global Division – Jackets, Ramboll
10:35 Thought Leadership Presentation
John Glen, Co-Founder and CFO, Spartan Solutions
11:00 Panel 8: Predictive maintenance and Digital Twin – Creating a Predictive Maintenance Model

  • How a digital twin support Predictive Maintenance in reducing downtime?
  • Maximising revenue and productivity through analytics-based operations - Sustaining value delivery from analytics
  • Driving the appropriate data model – How the digital twin facilitates predictive maintenance
  • Predictive Maintenance replication – Automating for Scale
11:55 Thought Leadership Presentation
Anne-Marie Walters, Industry Marketing Director, Process and Resources, Bentley Systems
12:10 Panel 9: Cyber Security – How can a Digital Twin help combat cyber-attacks?

  • How to ensure digital trust – Conducting a cyber security gap analysis survey
  • Managing the transition of Data Responsibly – Unlocking Data Silos
  • Data interoperability and the Digital Twin – Managing the evolution of data
  • How a digital twin creates proficient cyber security protection – An insight into a Cyber physical production system
13:30 Panel 10: Digital Twin and Asset Development – Enabling flexibility and Increasing Safety

  • How to maximise the current infrastructure model – Incorporating digital asset visualisation
  • How to extend the lifecycle of an asset – Accelerating digitalisation
  • Adopting a hybrid twin model – pros and cons versus a Digital twin
  • Ensuring, measuring and maintaining continuous asset quality – The fundamentals of Asset reliability through the Digital Twin
15:00 Panel 11: How will the use of Digital Twin redefine leadership – An insight into strategies and methodologies

  • Leading under uncertainty – Leading a landscape of transparency and taking a leap of faith
  • Agile adoption and creation – An insight into a flatter organisational structure under the Digital Twin
  • Evolution of new business models and empowering new skill sets – Spotlight on Value Chain Integration and adoptive manufacturing
  • Development of roles and responsibilities – The introduction of new business roles decision making processes
15:55 Thought Leadership Presentation
Joseph McMullen, Senior Portfolio Marketing Manager, Value Chain Optimisation, AVEVA
16:15 Panel 12: Defining a Digital Twin Roadmap – What organisations need to prepare to implement a Digital Twin?

  • Understanding the value of employee Integration – Assessing ultimate Capital potential
  • Time v Value – Understanding the ROI timescales and cashflow opportunities
  • Measuring cost over scale – An insight into first capital movement and mapping out predictive cash flow models
  • How do you evaluate short term and long-term capacity – The ability to contextualise data
Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group International