Technology, Innovation & Decarbonisation in the Energy Sectors

Athicha Dhanormchitphong

Digital Realities Ecosystem Architect, ExxonMobil

Kyle Daughtry

Digital and Extended Realities (VR/AR/3D/Digital Twin) Product Manager, ExxonMobil

Justin Piwetz

Asset Management Lead, Research & Innovation in Virtual Technologies; bp

Michael Hotaling

Operations Excellence Digital Manager, ExxonMobil

Andrea Course

Digital Innovation Program Manager, Shell

Adam Brown

Senior Counsel, IP Law ExxonMobil

Stacia Fosi

Principal Data Manager, Technology Center of Excellence & Special Projects, bp

Seth Taylor

Smart Facilities Manager, Chevron

Dr. Mustafa Kara

Principal Data Scientist, Chevron

Dr.  Reza Khaninezhad

Data Science Manager, Apache

Detlef Hohl

Chief Scientist Computation and Data Science, Shell

Judy Moses

Director, Resevoir Management, Americas, Chevron

Amit Jain

Upstream & Downstream, Engineering & Operations, Chevron

Ibrahim Al-Syed

Director Digital Manufacturing, Celanese

Jason Gislason

Global Technology Manager, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company

Sadik Noman

IT Program Manager, Mid Africa IT Leadership Team, Chevron

Harvinder Singh

Platform & Services Manager, Knowledge Management, bp

Jai Joon

Strategic Advisor, Chevron

Suhaib Kaissi

M.S Supply Chain & Logistics Technology, University of Houston

Tathagata Basu

GM and Head – Sustainable Fuels and Chemicals, Honeywell

Shirley Ike

Global Director, Digital Consulting, Wood Group

Shane McArdle

CEO, Kongsberg Digital

Haavard Oestensen

CCO, Kongsberg Digital

Ove Heitmann Hansen

Senior Principal – Digital Trust, DNV

Steven Calder

CEO, Streamba

Keshav Sundaresh

Global Director of Product Management, Digital Twin and Digital Thread, Altair

Vitor Lopes Pereira

Regional Sales Manager, Systems & Digital Twins, Ansys

Rebecca Hofmann

President / CEO, Blockchain For Energy

Matteo Dariol

Business Development Manager, Bosch Digital Twin Industries

Kelly Southall

AI Consultant, Senior Manager, Schneider Electric

Omar Halaseh

Director, Digital Transformation Consultant, Schneider Electric

Phani Dathar

Director, Graph Data Science, Neo4j

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