Future Digital Twin

26-27 May 2021 

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    47 Degrees

    47 Degrees is a global software consulting company focused on transforming enterprises and growth companies through the modernisation of their software platforms. Our approaches and solutions lower operating costs, streamline operations, and tame the explosion in real-time data coming from your physical and virtual infrastructures.

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    AMA XpertEye Ltd

    With over 5 years of proven experience in remote assistance solutions, AMA is helping medical institutions and industrial organizations of all sizes accelerate their smart workplace transformation. Our presence worldwide allows us to work in every time zone and reach our customers wherever they are. 

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    Baringa Partners
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    Bureau Veritas

    Bureau Veritas is a global leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC), delivering high quality services to help clients meet the growing challenges of quality, safety, environmental protection and social responsibility. 

    As a trusted partner since established in 1828, Bureau Veritas offers innovative solutions that go beyond simple compliance with regulations and standards, reducing risk, improving performance and promoting sustainable development.  

    Bureau Veritas is recognized and accredited by major national and international organizations and has over 75,000 employees worldwide operating from 1,400 offices across 140 countries.  

    There is a growing significance of digitalisation across industries and the demand for simplicity, particularly regarding information gathering and sharing, is high. Through our digital solutions Bureau Veritas are helping clients make the very most of their operating assets.  

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    Cintoo Cloud Cintoo is at the convergence of Laser Scanning and Digital Twins. Cintoo Cloud brings scan & CAD processes to the next level by introducing cloud-based workflows, multiplying the collaborative opportunities to leverage your as-builts for efficient use cases.

    With use cases that include managing assets and clearance checks, comparing scans to CAD models when planning new layouts or retrofits, reverse engineering and predictive maintenance, Cintoo enables oil and gas companies to leverage their laser scan data in a digital cloud; improving stakeholder collaboration, workflows and ultimately maximising the ROI of laser scanning technology.

    Discover how intuitive Cintoo Cloud is, and the efficiencies it could bring to your operations, visiting https://cintoo.com or get in touch via sales@cintoo.com.

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    Cognite is a global industrial AI Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company supporting the full-scale digital transformation of heavy-asset industries around the world. Their key product, Cognite Data Fusion (CDF), empowers companies with contextualized OT/IT data to drive industrial applications that increase safety, sustainability, and efficiency, and drive revenue. 

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    Dassault Systèmes

    Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, provides business and people with virtual universes to imagine sustainable innovations. Its world-leading solutions transform the way products are designed, produced, and supported. Dassault Systèmes’ collaborative solutions foster social innovation, expanding possibilities for the virtual world to improve the real world. The group brings value to over 250, 000 customers of all sizes, in all industries, in more than 140 countries. For more information, visit www.3ds.com

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    Emerson (NYSE: EMR), headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri (USA), is a global technology and engineering company providing innovative solutions for customers in industrial, commercial and residential markets. Our Automation Solutions business helps process, hybrid and discrete manufacturers maximise production, protect personnel and the environment while optimising their energy and operating costs. Our Commercial & Residential Solutions business helps ensure human comfort and health, protect food quality and safety, advance energy efficiency and create sustainable infrastructure.

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    Headquartered in Oslo, Norway with a U.S. office in Houston, FutureOn is a digital technology innovator enabling customers to see more possibilities for their assets and begin to make more forward-thinking choices. The company has built a reputation for developing innovative, efficient and cost-saving technology solutions for the subsea sector of the oil and gas industry by using modern web and cloud technologies to digitize the oilfield.

    In 2017, the company launched into the global market with FieldAP, the first true online collaboration tool for the energy industry, providing offshore project managers the ability to visualize, digitize and collaborate on field development, regardless of geographic location. Currently adopted by some of the world’s largest exploration and development companies and the service companies supporting them, the online tool is capable of accelerating project timelines and increasing cost savings.

    For more information on FutureOn and its collaborative platform solution FieldAP, visit: www.futureon.com

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    Geoteric is a leading AI software and services provider with tools designed to maximise subsurface knowledge. 

    Together with their traditional best-in-class seismic attribute and interpretation workflows, Geoteric is redefining subsurface understanding through a data driven, AI powered workflow.  Automating monotonous tasks geoscientists are free to concentrate on understanding the story of the subsurface.

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    HYTORC's mission is to optimize safety, quality and schedule in industrial bolting through innovative solutions. We make industrial bolting safer and simpler. We offer a full line of superior hydraulic, pneumatic and electric torque & tension tools that feature the most advanced technology available.

    01670 363 800 – info@hytorc.co.uk

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    The energy industry is undergoing a radical transformation. Not only are we seeing a shift towards carbon neutrality, but the oil, gas and renewables sectors are also doubling down on data-driven digitalization to make better-informed business decisions. This transformation aligns with Intel’s commitment to a positive global impact—after all, our purpose is to create technology that enriches the lives of every person on earth.

    As a long-standing technology partner for the industry, Intel is committed to moving towards a data-driven energy market. We know that modern technology is necessary to power a data-driven world, from data acquisition (data-upstream) to its consumption (data-downstream). And we are playing a key role in developing the technologies that will enable this transition, including:

    • Scaling AI to attain the true goal of Industry 4.0 with intelligent, self-aware automation
    • More secure and intelligent edge computing that allows for both control and analytics
    • Industrial IoT that fuels the acceleration of data-driven decision making from oilfields to wind farms.
    • Energy efficient and carbon neutral computing by converging of high-performance computing-AI workloads on a common infrastructure. 
    • Active participation in the standards groups and consortiums such as OSDUTM and Open FootprintTM

    As members of this industry and active participants in its transformation, it is our shared responsibility to collectivity measure the carbon footprint across our supply chain. After all, none of us exist in a vacuum—we must work together to achieve measurable, impactful change.

    At Intel, we have started by setting what we believe to be critical goals for a sustainable future. As part of our 2030 corporate responsibility strategy and goals, we will create a collective approach to reduce emissions for the semiconductor manufacturing industry and increase the use of technology in the manufacturing sector to reduce our impact on the global climate.

    Over the coming decades, the world will continue to move towards a transformed energy industry that is closer to carbon neutrality and driven by data.  Acting alone, Intel cannot achieve the broad, societal impact to which we aspire.  We are evolving our corporate responsibility strategy to increase the scale of our work with other organizations and further harness the power of technology to solve global challenges.   

    Our focus on ethical business practices, respect for human rights and continued performance improvements in our own operations and our supply chain will be foundational to our new strategy and ambitions.  Our significant investments and actions to date have resulted in high levels of efficiency and performance.  Given the complexity and scope of challenges that the world faces, Intel is committed to building upon what we have already accomplished and continuing to raise the bar for ourselves and our suppliers through new 2030 goals.

    We will also apply our deep experience as a leader in global manufacturing and leverage our unique position within the technology ecosystem to embark on a number of collaborative initiatives to help our customers achieve their own sustainability goals and accelerate progress in key areas across the entire technology industry. 

    We believe that when hardware, software and ideas come together, technology has the power to have an authentic, human impact and enable meaningful connections. We remain committed to developing and investing in innovative technology and solutions to power the next chapter of the global energy industry.

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    Kongsberg Digital

    Kongsberg Digital – Digital Twin

    Change is often synonymous with challenge. As an organization that’s over 200 years old, we know this better than most. This is why we are focusing our efforts and development power on creating the world’s leading technological solution to meet change head on: The Digital Twin.

    The Digital Twin will enable our partners, clients and collaborators to proactively create operational change. We will see this groundbreaking solution reinvent operations, create new realities and define new benchmarks for how industries are managed, developed and create value.

    The Digital Twin is a revolutionary change-maker that seamlessly intertwines and optimizes the combination of our digital and the physical worlds.

    It allows industry leaders and challengers to innovate, create, and change operations and business models — together.

    Digital Twin enables machines, functions, disciplines, partners and suppliers to operate and collaborate at a level of unprecedented efficiency and safety. It tears down barriers between discipline silos, couples safety assurance with rapid prototyping and implementation, and links offshore production with onshore operations. 

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    Nasuni® is a file services platform built for the cloud, powered by the world’s only global file system, UniFS®. Nasuni consolidates Network Attached Storage (NAS) and file server silos in cloud storage, delivering infinite scale, built-in backup, global file sharing, and local file server performance, all at half the cost of traditional file infrastructures. The Nasuni software-as-a-service platform is most often used for NAS consolidation; backup and recovery modernization; multi-site file sharing; and rapid, infrastructure-free disaster recovery, while also serving as a foundation for data analytics and multi-cloud IT initiatives.

    Leaders in consumer goods, manufacturing, creative services, engineering and construction, technology, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, public sector, and financial services rely on Nasuni to enhance workforce productivity, reduce IT cost and complexity, and maximize the business value of their unstructured data. Nasuni is based in Boston, Mass. USA. For more information, visit www.nasuni.com

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    Optimal is headquartered in Aberdeen with operations in the UK and overseas. We are physical asset management experts specialising in Reliability Engineering and Materials Management; part of our ISO 55000 compliant solutions. Our focus lies on optimising asset performance throughout its lifecycle to deliver consistent and sustainable cost savings

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    PowerAdvocate supports Energy operators in optimising Capex/Opex costs and project returns. We have $5 trillion of transactional Energy spend data across 100+ global clients that we leverage to help operators understand market trends and cost drivers. We also provide benchmarks and forecasts - informing decision-making and financial planning.

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    Red Hat

    Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of enterprise open source software solutions, using a community-powered approach to deliver reliable and high-performing Linux, hybrid cloud, container, and Kubernetes technologies. Red Hat helps customers integrate new and existing IT applications, develop cloud-native applications, standardize on our industry-leading operating system, and automate, secure, and manage complex environments. Award-winning support, training, and consulting services make Red Hat a trusted adviser to the Fortune 500. As a strategic partner to cloud providers, system integrators, application vendors, customers, and open source communities, Red Hat can help organizations prepare for the digital future.

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    Founded in 2006, Restrata is a leading provider of complex end-to-end security and safety solutions for Energy & Built Environment Sectors.​ ​

    The Restrata Platform is an integrated safety, security & mobility SaaS operating system. It is designed to manage the safety of people across sites, offices & countries around the globe.​ ​

    In response to the pandemic, we developed a COVID SAFE layer within the Platform. This has created a technology enabled bio-secure environment for the safe return to operations.

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    RigNet (NASDAQ: RNET) delivers advanced software, optimized industry solutions, and communications infrastructure that allows the oil and gas industry to finally realize the business results of digital transformation. From offshore rigs to remote midstream infrastructure, to diverse, multi-stage operations, RigNet is the partner of choice for connecting, securing, and capturing actionable intelligence from distributed assets and infrastructure. Our ultra-secure, intelligent solutions support the full evolution of digital enablement, empowering energy businesses to gain real-time insights from remote operations and take action that drives more profitable revenue growth. RigNet is headquartered in Houston, Texas with operations around the world.

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    Salesforce for Energy is the #1 Digital Platform for Oil & Gas. Today’s energy sector — from oil and gas, to utilities to renewables — is rapidly transforming. To get ahead, energy companies need to meet the needs of suppliers, JV partners, communities, and employees with an agile, end-to-end platform that enables rapid innovation across the entire business. Click here to learn how help connect stakeholders & assets across the value chain.


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    ServiceMax is the global market leader in Service Execution Management, a software category that includes both Field Service Management and Asset Service Management. ServiceMax provides cloud based software platform that improves the productivity of complex, equipment centric service execution for OEMs, operators, and 3rd party service providers. Enterprise companies across the globe have turned to ServiceMax to help them keep the world running while they reap the benefits of increased revenue, higher productivity, improved customer experience, secure enterprise communication, greater safety and better compliance. For more information about ServiceMax, visit www.servicemax.com.

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    Spartan Solutions

    Spartan builds software products for equipment operators and toolbelt workers.  We equip workers with mobile tools and actionable information to remove complexity and drive performance.

    Our Asset Performance Management portfolio includes our PHALANX Mobility solution and our PROPHES Intelligent Asset Management and Predictive Maintenance service for Rental and Energy companies.

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    Steinwurf are the Forward Erasure Code experts, specializing in the implementation and application of error correcting codes for extreme and challenging environments. Based on Random Linear Network Coding, Steinwurf's solutions outperform traditional correcting codes, enhancing reliability and vastly improving latency right across your data and communications network.


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    Stepchange Global is the world’s leading independent Digital Transformation Advisory and Consultancy company in Mining and Oil and Gas. We are the acknowledged international experts in the digitalisation of front-line operational assets specialising in remote and integrated operations and minimum-staffing organisational model. We help you maximise the value from your technology spend by aligning your people, process and organisational performance.

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    TAAP stands for The Agile Application Platform, established in 2004 by the Founder and CEO Steve Higgon. 

    TAAP is a software licensing business built around digitisation, any and all aspects of the digital transformation journey, processing real-time data, data insights through business intelligence, cross-platform mobility regardless of operating system, system integration, enterprise business process change, smart workflow, IOT, AI/ML, collaboration, standardisation, data integrity and business agility. 

    TAAP is deployed globally across a wide range of industry sectors and verticals. It’s a horizontal technology platform with extensive vertical deployment examples within Logistics, Finance, Compliance, Auditing, Inspection, Corrosion, Supply Chain, Oil & Gas, Healthcare and Retail. The TAAP team have over 300+ man years of IT delivery experience. 

    If you don’t have a digital transformation platform then you don’t have a digital transformation strategy. Invest in TAAP to bring to life your next digital transformation project.


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    Tampnet was founded in 2001 in Stavanger, Norway and operates the world’s largest offshore high capacity communication network in the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, serving customers within Oil & Gas, Wind Energy, Maritime and Carrier sectors with first-class telecommunications. The company employs more than 100 people,  with offices in Norway, UK, the Netherlands, USA and Brazil. Tampnet connects offshore installations to redundant and reliable terrestrial networks with high capacity and low latency (high speed).

    Tampnet also installs and operates offshore 4G LTE coverage networks enabling roaming and digital transformation on offshore oil & gas platforms, offshore windfarms and service vessels and other commercial vessels.

    Tampnet International Carrier is Tampnet’s European and transatlantic fiber infrastructure network, passing through eight selected countries. Tampnet International Carrier is all about connectivity, capacity and speed.

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    Toumetis is a leading provider of machine learning solutions for industrial operators. Our innovative and advanced technology (Cascadence) helps Fortune-1000 companies to improve efficiency, quality and throughput by transforming data into actionable insights. This intelligence can transform business operations and enable new streams of revenue. Working across North America, Europe, and the Middle East, our team of industry-leading data scientists and developers bring more than 100 years of combined experience in the field of predictive analytics and machine learning.

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    Vidya is committed to employ digital solutions to enhance asset integrity management for industrial plants to achieve a new digital era. Through our Digital Twin, Artificial Intelligence and IoT solutions, we lead the digital transformation in industry.