Technology, Innovation & Decarbonisation in the Energy Sectors

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    Amdaris is your trusted partner for high velocity extended delivery teams. Operating from headquarters in Bristol and Eastern European delivery centres, our solutions enable companies to find a better way to build, maintain and improve software applications. Amdaris supports, guides and challenges to help you lead from the front and stand out from your competition. Working to make your impossible challenges a reality, Amdaris becomes part of your team to deliver game-changing solutions.

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    AVEVA, a global leader in industrial software, drives digital transformation for industrial organizations managing complex operational processes. Through Performance Intelligence, AVEVA connects the power of information and artificial intelligence (AI) with human insight, to enable faster and more precise decision making, helping industries to boost operational delivery and sustainability. Our cloud-enabled data platform, combined with software that spans design, engineering and operations, asset performance, monitoring and control solutions delivers proven business value and outcomes to over 20,000 customers worldwide, supported by the largest industrial software ecosystem, including 5,500 partners and 5,700 certified developers. AVEVA is headquartered in Cambridge, UK, with over 6,000 employees at 90 locations in more than 40 countries. For more details visit:

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    CAXperts GmbH - we are the Innovation Leader in our field, inspired by the vision of creating simple, yet revolutionary software for Owner/Operators as well as EPCs.

    UniversalPlantViewer (UPV) was created for optimal plant design and provides a complete suite of software to drive the “digital twin“. If offers a unique set of functions to keep your digital model up-to-date, supporting your company workflows. It’s simple to use, providing quick and easy navigation around huge 3D models, on any device. (Windows PC, iPad, Android etc).

    UniversalPlantVieer was designed to enhance collaboration and optimise your entire plant lifecycle. It comprises a complete digital model with 3D model, P&ID, LaserScan, drawings, documents, data etc– all linked together and easily accessible for every stakeholder, regardless of the device.

    UniversalPlantViewer supports most industry formats such as Smart 3D®, PDS®, PDMS®, E3D®, Navis Works®, IFC®, LaserScan®, SmartPlant P&ID®, PDF etc.

    Seeing is believing!

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    Cintoo Cloud Cintoo is at the convergence of Laser Scanning and Digital Twins. Cintoo Cloud brings scan & CAD processes to the next level by introducing cloud-based workflows, multiplying the collaborative opportunities to leverage your as-builts for efficient use cases.

    With use cases that include managing assets and clearance checks, comparing scans to CAD models when planning new layouts or retrofits, reverse engineering and predictive maintenance, Cintoo enables oil and gas companies to leverage their laser scan data in a digital cloud; improving stakeholder collaboration, workflows and ultimately maximising the ROI of laser scanning technology.

    Discover how intuitive Cintoo Cloud is, and the efficiencies it could bring to your operations, visiting or get in touch via

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    Condatis deliver bespoke Identity and Access Management solutions leveraging Microsoft Entra. Our solutions are designed to simplify onboarding, enhance security, and boost overall business efficiency for clients globally, meeting business needs and goals with precision and excellence.

    We’re on a mission to empower organisations to accelerate their growth in the digital economy using trusted digital identities. Our firm belief is that giving our users control and transparency over how their data is stored, shared, and managed can shape a world where trust between individuals and organisations is a reality.

    As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we enhance Microsoft Entra technology to offer practical solutions where IT infrastructure is complex and messy. Our team of over 50 experts are skilled in consolidating and streamlining systems to improve user experience and reduce the friction, risks and costs that are holding you back from success.

    We constantly explore new technologies and strategies to help our clients stay ahead of the competition. In close collaboration with the Microsoft Product Engineering team, we continuously use our expertise, customer engagements and feedback to develop Microsoft’s Identity roadmap when new features are in private preview. Our bespoke approach offers our customers a unique and empowered position to build a more trusted and secure digital economy for the future.

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    Endava is reimagining the relationship between people and technology. By leveraging next generation technologies, our agile, multi-disciplinary teams provide a combination of product & technology strategies, intelligent experiences, and world-class engineering. We collaborate with our clients, seamlessly integrating with their teams, and help them become digital, experience-driven businesses by assisting them in their journey from idea generation to development and deployment of products, platforms and solutions.  

    Endava has over 11,000 employees, as of March 2022, in close-to-client locations in the United States, the United Kingdom, Western Europe, Australia, and Singapore and nearshore delivery centres in Central Europe and Latin America.

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    HYTORC's mission is to optimize safety, quality and schedule in industrial bolting through innovative solutions. We make industrial bolting safer and simpler. We offer a full line of superior hydraulic, pneumatic and electric torque & tension tools that feature the most advanced technology available.

    01670 363 800 –

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    Kongsberg Digital

    Kongsberg Digital – Dynamic Digital Twin

    Change is often synonymous with challenge. As an organization that’s over 200 years old, we know this better than most. This is why we are focusing our efforts and development power on creating the world’s leading technological solution to meet change head on: KognitwinTM 

    Our dynamic digital twin solution KognitwinTM  will enable our partners, clients and collaborators to reimagine how they work in the heavy asset industry. We will see this groundbreaking solution reinvent operations, create new realities and define new benchmarks for how industries are managed, developed and create value.

    KognitwinTM is a revolutionary change-maker that seamlessly intertwines and optimizes the combination of our digital and the physical worlds.

    It allows industry leaders and challengers to innovate, create, and change operations and business models — together.

    KognitwinTM  enables machines, functions, disciplines, partners and suppliers to operate and collaborate at a level of unprecedented efficiency and safety. It tears down barriers between discipline silos, couples safety assurance with rapid prototyping and implementation, and links offshore production with onshore operations. 

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    Nasuni is a leading file data services company, enabling organizations to create a secure, file data cloud for digital transformation, global growth and information insight. Nasuni’s File Data Platform is a cloud-native suite of services that simplifies file data infrastructure, enhances file data protection and ensures fast file access globally at the lowest cost. By consolidating file data into scalable cloud object storage, Nasuni becomes the cloud-native replacement for traditional network attached storage (NAS) and file server infrastructure, as well as traditional file backup, disaster recovery, remote access, and file synchronization technologies. Organizations worldwide rely on Nasuni to securely access and share file data globally. Nasuni is  headquartered in Boston, delivering services in over 70 countries. For more information, visit

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    Our mission is to digitise people safety and asset security to maximise business resilience.

    Restrata Platform connects people, resources, and processes, streamlining information in a single cloud platform that digitally transforms your business into a future-ready operation.

    Whether you face challenges across a global network, in the ‘last mile’, or on a single site, Restrata Platform is the world’s first end-to-end solution to connect the reality on the ground to the response team in your global control centre

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    ServiceMax’s mission is to help customers keep the world running with asset-centric field service management software. As the recognized leader in this space, ServiceMax Asset 360 for Salesforce is 100% native and provides a complete view of assets to field service teams enabling the delivery of complex service. By optimizing field service operations, companies in the O&G sector with complex and mission-critical equipment can support faster growth,  and run more profitable, outcome-centric business models.

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    Xebia is a global IT consultancy and software development company, helping the top 250 companies worldwide with innovative technology, business models, and training. They offer multiple services, including Agile, DevOps, Data & AI, Cloud, Software Development, and Security. Xebia Academy provides training, while partnerships with other leading IT companies support their growth.