Future Energy Systems

14 September 2021 

 * Subject to change

Day One: Tuesday 1 December 2020

08.40 Welcome Addresses
Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group International
Stuart Broadley, Chief Executive Officer, Energy Industries Council
08:50 Opening Keynote: Shell and (cloud) Technology developments
Johan Krebbers, VP IT Innovation GM Emerging Digital Technologies, Shell
09:20 Panel 1: Data Driven Operations, Applications & Benefits

  • Improving business efficiency using data management & integration
  • Secure, scalable and reliable data management and automated delivery – How do we effectively cleanse data?
  • Optimised use of data use across global oilfield operations
  • The current industry standards and compliance requirements – An insight into data governance

Kine Johanne Ardal, Digitalisation Manager, Pandion Energy
David Edem, Digital & IM Director, Chrysaor
Dr Alister Forder, Vice President Transformation, bp
Alexander Klebanov, Chief Data Scientist, Chesapeake Energy
Fadhlan Nik Abdul Aziz, Head of Innovation, PETRONAS

Dr Satyam Priyadarshy, Technology Fellow and Chief Data Scientist, Halliburton

10:20 Case Study
Fadhlan Nik Abdul Aziz, Head of Innovation, PETRONAS
Moderated by Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group International
10:45 Exhibitor Zone Networking
11:00 Panel 2: Digital Operations: How will the upstream oil & gas sector be transformed

  • How to achieve maximum value when implementing cutting edge technologies to improve efficiency and increased returns – Developing clear platform strategies
  • The role of digitalisation in the near and long term future of oil and gas production
  • How to reinvent your business model and develop the appropriate digital strategy
  • Value Chain Integration: Where is the value and how to make the most of it?

Johan Nell, Partner, Baringa Partners
Julian Zec, Senior Program Manager, Maersk Drilling​
Botan Osman, Chief Executive Officer, Restrata
Harald Wesenberg, Specialist IT, Equinor
Neil McCrindle, UK Regional Sales Manager, Nasuni

Patrick Bangert, Vice President AI, Samsung SDS America

11:50 Presentation: Getting your foundations right – Best practices for Operational Data Management in Oil and Gas​
Russell Herbert, Oil and Gas Industry Principal, OSIsoft
12:10 Panel 3: Understanding the value machine learning generates for the upstream oil & gas sector

  • How the latest AI technology can be utilised to reduce cost and improve business efficiency
  • What are the bottom-line benefits by using the latest AI innovations? – An insight into the value of predictive maintenance
  • Using data science as a platform: How is AI/VR, blockchain and IOT integrated?
  • What opportunities arise from of using edge/cloud software and how do you measure it’s impact?

Cetin Karakus, Global Head of Quantitative and Analytical Solutions, bp
Omar Dubayan, IR 4.0 Implementer and Process Engineer, Saudi Aramco
Paul Seccombe, Vice President, Sales and Client Engagement, EMEA, Toumetis
Stuart Scott, Director, Growth Strategy APAC, PowerAdvocate
Andrea Course, Venture Principal, Shell

Steffan Lindso, Subsea Robotics Product Manager, Oceaneering

13:00 Networking Break
13:15 Presentation: Digital Transformation – A Smart time to Speed up
Shane McArdle, SVP Digital Energy, Kongsberg Digital
13:30 Panel 4: Expanding capabilities of automation: Success stories and lessons learned

  • Comparing traditional automation and latest cutting edge technology
  • The implementation of automation fundamentals to increase commercial value
  • Mitigating risks associated with applying the latest technology
  • Integrating existing technology with latest generation IIoT, edge devices and advanced analytics

Neil Pickering, Head of BD and Sales NSOO, Bureau Veritas
Einar Landre, Lead Analyst IT, Equinor
Jaco Fok, Chief Innovation, OMV Petrom
Udayan Vyas, Emerging Technology Strategist, Chevron
Ron Beck, Industry Marketing Director, Aspen Technology

Cetin Karakus, Global Head of Quantitative and Analytical Solutions, bp

14:15 Presentation: Transforming the Energy Industry
Craig Walker, Strategic Advisor in the office of CEO, Salesforce
14:35 Panel 5: Energy transition as part of the climate change agenda and solution

  • How to reduce operational emissions: An insight into power source alternatives, consequent waste emissions and elimination of flaring
  • Integrating a renewable energy transition strategy: Developing an oil and gas resource development programme
  • Carbon capture, storage and hydrogen infrastructure: What technology framework applies and how this effects development funding
  • The role of digital technology: Achieving net zero carbon emissions and the impact of hitting energy transition goals

Bethan Vasey, Business Manager Energy Transition Upstream UK, Shell
Graham Bennett, Vice President, DNV GL
Philip Black, PE, Global Emerging Solutions Lead, Digital and Technology, Wood
Jason Olbekson, Industry GTM Director, Salesforce

Luca Corradi, Innovation Network Director, OGTC

15:25 Exhibitor Zone and Networking
15:45 Case Study
Brendan Sullivan, Chief Information & Chief Technology Officer, RigNet
16:10 Panel 6: Corporate adaptation and change management

  • Create a culture that truly embraces digitalisation
  • Championing innovation and change: how do we empower middle managers?
  • Strike the right balance between investment in technology and people
  • Manage the cultural shifts needed for new technology adoption

Esther Diederen, People & Process Transformation Lead, Digital, Spirit Energy
Steve Johnson, Vice President Digital, Petrofac
Amar Patel, Vice President Business Development – EMEA, 47 Degrees
Elisabetta Purlalli, SVP Digital & IT, Head of Change Management, Eni SpA

Noorddin Taj, Technology Strategy, Architecture and Digital Innovation Lead, bp

17:00 Closing Remarks
Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group International


Day Two: Wednesday 2 December 2020

08:50 Introduction
Stuart Broadley, Chief Executive Officer, Energy Industries Council
09:00 Opening Keynote
Patricia Rangel, VP Intelligent Operations, bp
09:15 Panel 7: Business breakthroughs with digital transformation: Establishing optimal network infrastructure

  • Production maximisation through data driven methods
  • What new business models are being created – An insight into efficient cost management
  • How digitalisation is used to improve operations and results
  • How technologies such as IOT, Analytics and digital twin are being optimised?
  • Is digitisation the answer to efficiency?

Kaveh Pourteymour, Chief Information Officer, Neptune Energy
Francisco Ortigosa, Independent Consultant, Digital Transformation
Rolf Einar Sæter, Business Improvement & Technology Manager, Shell
Jan-Willem Jannink, Global Industry X Sustainability Practice Lead and Industry X Energy Lead, Accenture

Saeed Mubarak, Chairman, SPE Digital Energy Technical Section

10:00 Presentation: The Digital Twin: From Design towards Autonomous Operation
Ronnie Bains, Director, Process Simulation and Digital Twin, Emerson
10:15 Exhibitor Zone and Networking
10:30 Case Study
John M. Lervik, Founder and CEO, Cognite
10:45 Panel 8: Predictive maintenance tools to maximise efficiencies and reduce downtime - sponsored by 

  • Predictive Maintenance replication – Going beyond the Pilot
  • Supporting remote monitoring of assets
  • Maximising revenue and productivity through analytics-based operations, where is the ROI - Sustaining value delivery from Analytics
  • Rapid scaling of analytics applications to lower operating expenses and increase operational run time

Speakers – Including 10 minute intro from John Glen, Co-Founder and CFO, Spartan Solutions
Subrata Bhownik, PhD, Senior Machine Learning Engineer and Data Scientist, McDermott International
Harald Wesenberg, IT Specialist and Software Innovation, Equinor
Otavio Carneiro, CEO, Vidya Technology​
John Glen, Co-Founder and CFO, Spartan Solutions

Marijin Bezuijen, SME and Business Opportunity Manager, Predictive Maintenance, Shell

11:45 Case study
Darrell Knight, EVP Global Strategy, FutureOn Corporation
12:00 Panel 9: Cybersecurity and protection of legacy systems - sponsored by  

  • Moving with digitalisation while minimising risks that comes with technologies
  • Decreasing vulnerability of companies’ operational and technology departments
  • Evolution of the threat landscape: What can we learn as technology becomes more sophisticated and protect legacy systems
  • Practical cases on how to prioritise on cyber investments

Keith Frederick, Chief Information Security Officer, RigNet
Marcel Kelder, Director of Advanced Solutions, Yokogawa
Michael Lewis, Cybersecurity and Technology Planner, Chevron

David Hartell, Managing Director, Stellae Energy Ltd

12:55 Networking Break
13.15 Presentation: Random to the Rescue - Network Coding in Extreme Environments​
Muriel Medard, Cecil H. Green Professor of EECS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Chief Scientist & Co-founder, Steinwurf
13:30 Panel 10: How an oil price crash accelerates the need for digitalisation – Enabling flexibility in the workforce

  • How emerging technology keeps costs low – A focus on AI, Machine learning and automation
  • Cost cutting through innovation – Accelerating digitalisation amongst geopolitical uncertainties and natural disasters
  • Retaining and nurturing new talent – How the emerging tech roles will attract new personnel in the industry
  • How the rise of digital technology impacts the human workforce – An insight into future job security

Adrian Fielding, Global Director for Plant and Personnel Safety and Integrated Protective Solutions, Honeywell Process Solutions
Adriana Garcia, IT Innovation Lead, Shell
Vaseem Khan, Global Vice President, Digital and Analytics, McDermott
Mika Tienhaara, Chief Executive Officer, ROCSOLE

Xiaojun Huang, Project Executive Upstream Digital Transformation, ExxonMobil

14:25 Presentation: Oil & Gas Digital Transformation; Reusable Experiences from Other Industries with a Practical Proposition on How to Move Forward​
Andrei Kalinichev, Director Upstream Oil and Gas, Dassault Systemes
This presentation prioritizes a business process-driven methodology that fuels enterprise digital transformation. Andrei will highlight several relevant examples in other industries, including life sciences, aerospace and cities as well as discussing a new approach to holistic oilfield asset management
14:45 Exhibitor Zone and Networking
15:00 Presentation: How new Digitally Enabled Remote and Minimum Staffed Operating models are transforming oil and gas operations
Tony Edwards, Chief Executive Officer, Stepchange Global Ltd
15.15-16.00 VIP networking (Invite only for oil operators)
15:15 Panel 11: Digital Twin: What the integration of AI means for Speed and Accuracy

  • How does AI accelerate design processes, reliability and decision making operations
  • The growing importance of clean and trusted data
  • How to approach constraints with AI implementation – Sequential
  • The future of Digital Twin with AI – What opportunities will this present going forward?

Rolf Einar Sæter, Business Improvement & Technology Manager, Shell
Ken Nguyen, Digital Program Manager, Capital Projects, bp
Shane McArdle, SVP Digital Energy, Kongsberg Digital
Rob Kennedy, Digital Twin Programme Manager, Wood
Mark Brownless, Chief Geoscientist, Geoteric

Philip Black, PE, Global Emerging Solutions Lead, Digital and Technology, Wood

16:00 Case Study: Accelerating Digital Transformation through Open Source Innovation: Schlumberger, Red Hat, and IBM Hybrid Cloud Partnership
Sarah Kunz, Global Account Manager, Red Hat
Ian AmblerDELFI Program Manager, Schlumberger
16:20 Panel 12: Energy transition and digitalisation – Connecting the dots

  • How can digitalisation improve energy efficiency through emerging technologies?
  • Does a technology revolution decrease carbon on the oilfield? – An insight into which technologies are both cost saving and reducing carbon emissions
  • Exploring innovative ways to reduce energy – spotlight on hydrogen
  • Does a greener more digitised future make us more vulnerable? – A focus on data privacy and cyber security

Noorddin Taj, Technology Strategy, Architecture and Digital Innovation Lead, bp
Richard Zhang, Software Product Development Lead, Hydrogen, Shell
Manas Pathak, Global AI Lead for Oil and Gas, Intel Corporation
James Wagstaff, Senior Vice President, PowerAdvocate

Vaseem Khan, Global Vice President, Digital and Analytics, McDermott

17:10 Closing remarks
Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group International with Noorddin Taj, Technology Strategy, Architecture and Digital Innovation Lead, bp