Technology, Innovation & Decarbonisation in the Energy Sectors

Tue 27th June Wed 28th June 

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Tuesday 27 June 2023
All timings in GMT


Welcoming Speech
Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group International

Opening Remarks
Adrian Blanck, Chief Digitalisation Officer, Saudi Aramco Base Oils

Panel 1: Is the Upstream Sector Fully Embracing Digital – Managing Disruption, Technology Transition, and the Agile Workforce

  • Managing the Digital Culture Transition – Applying a systemised and Democratised way of working
  • Democratise your Data – Integrating an effective governance policy and Sustaining Data integrity
  • Breaking down the Siloes Figuratively and Metaphorically – How a cross collaborative Environment is the key to success
  • People, Process and Technology implementing Employee Recognition – Reskilling and reshaping the current workforce
  • How to Develop a Digital Transformation Charter – Why people matter?
  • How Digital Transformation improves Productivity and Safety – Establishing data driven foundations and measuring value

Ila Glennie, VP, Subsea Operations, bp
Julia Benbow, Digital Innovation, Fuels & Feedstock, OMV
Yiteng Zhang, Digital Technology Lead, Shell
Dave Williams, VP, Digitalisation, Subsea7
Alix Stuart, Head of Agile Delivery, Amdaris
Glen Milne, Production Systems Manager, Spirit Energy
Moderator: Christine Dodds, Business Planning & Strategy Manager, Repsol Sinopec

Fireside Chat
Shane McArdle, CEO, Kongsberg Digital


Panel 2: Cyber Security – Does Greater Technology Deployment make us more Vulnerable?

  • Prioritising Awareness and Education – Processes, Technology and managing legacy systems
  • Formulating an Incident Response Plan – Managing risks effectively across the entire supply Chain
  • The Protection of Legacy Systems and Critical Infrastructure – Assessing cyber vulnerability and understanding ethical hacking
  • Managing IT-OT Convergence – Managing Increased workloads and greater operational risk
  • Implementing next Generation Cybersecurity Strategies – An insight into a shared responsibility model
  • What does the Future of Cyber Security Hold – Anticipating the threats derived from Evolution of Technology

Syed Mohsin Almohdzar, Cyber Category Lead, bp
Brendan Sullivan, CCO, Viasat
Andrej Rangelov, Cyber Security Specialist, OMV
Mohd Zul Yusri B Mohd Akhir, Head, Remote Operation Diagnostic, Petronas
Botan Osman, Chief Executive Officer, Restrata
Moderator: Gary Hickin, Business Development Director, Digital Strategy & Commercialisation, NOV

PRESENTATION: Reducing Operator’s Well Costs Through Automation & Optimisation of the Well Construction Process
Niels Meissner, Chief Revenue Officer, Enterprise, Viasat

Panel 3: The Real Perception of a Digital Twin – Understanding the full potential for the Upstream sector from an Operator Perspective

  • Moving with digitalisation – How does a Digital Twin affect the Culture of a company
  • Decreasing the vulnerability of a company’s operational and technology department - How can a Digital twin protect legacy assets?
  • Managing Expectations - What are the Addressable Challenges a Digital Twin can help to Rectify
  • Offsetting Carbon Emissions – How Modelling real time data from physical assets improve your Carbon footprint
  • Enabling Sustainable Growth and Optimising Production – The process of developing a dynamic Twin
  • The Ownership of Data – How the roles should be governed between technology vendor and operator

Wouter Beerepoot, Digital Program Manager, Digital Twin, Shell
Abdullah Al Halafi, Corporate Digital Twin Project Manager, Saudi Aramco
Juan Pedro Bretti Mandarano, Digital Transformation Global Advisor, Repsol
Shane McArdle, CEO, Kongsberg Digital
Dan Isaacs, CTO, Digital Twin Consortium
Jeff Stroh, Senior Director, Digital and Analytics, McDermott International
Moderator: Tony Hunter, 3D Visualisation & Information Consultant, Technical Product Owner, bp

PRESENTATION: What your Data Cannot Tell You
Data is at the core of all machine learning solutions. Sensors and logs give us more and more insights into the world around us but still cannot tell us everything. Why is it that you cannot (completely) trust what the data is trying to tell you?
Harald Wesenberg, IT Specialist and Software Innovation, Equinor


PRESENTATION: Intelligent Oil & Gas – A Holistic Approach for Advanced Engineering & Operations
Russell Herbert, Industry Principal, Oil, Gas & Energy, AVEVA

Panel 4/Roundtable: Asset Performance Management – The Role of Digitalisation

  • APM in the cloud – How to best utilise cloud platforms
  • How breakthrough technology drives cost rationalisation and greater asset optimisation
  • The role of AR/VR/MR and new tech to support asset services and management
  • Asset based predictive Maintenance – What does the future hold

Fabrizio D’Antonio, Asset Integrity Manager, Raffineria di Milazzo SCpA
Zeeshan Rasheed, Procurement Director, Global Engineering, Brownfields Projects & New Energy Start-Up, bp
Jeff Stroh, Senior Director, Digital and Analytics, McDermott International
Moderator: Ben Hewitt, Product Manager, Asset Performance Management & Digital Twin, SLB

PRESENTATION: Asset Integrity Operations Software at RAM
Fabrizio D’Antonio, Asset Integrity Manager, Raffineria di Milazzo SCpA

Panel 5: Enabling Data Aggregation, Contextualisation and Maturity - Developing Effective Data Operational Models to Improve Business Efficiency  

  • A focus on OSDU – How can an open source platform facilitate innovation
  • Balancing process and understanding long term data storage – The benefits and challenges of deploying a data platform
  • Investing into Cloud Platforms and working Incrementally – Measuring Accessibility and Data ownership
  • The Challenges with Data – Measuring the reliability of the cloud and the integration of IoT
  • Integrating and managing legacy systems – How to democratise advanced analytics
  • The future of Data Storage – How data management platforms will evolve coupled with the emergence of customer data platforms and incorporating a data strategy
  • How to transition data into actionable formats – Managing the integration of real time data and smart technologies

Einar Landre, Lead Analyst IT, OSDU Focal Point, Equinor
Taoufik Ait-Ettajer, Subsurface Manager, Technology, E & P, Low Carbon, Repsol
Dr. Subrata Bhowmik, Principal Engineer, Innovation, McDermott International
Steve Johnson, Head of Digital, Asset Solutions & New Energy Services, Petrofac
Russell Herbert, Industry Principal, Oil, Gas & Energy, AVEVA
Moderator: James Sitter, VP, Modifications & Project Services, Harbour Energy

PRESENTATION: Reinventing the library – The OSDU™ Data Platform
Einar Landre, Lead Analyst IT, OSDU Focal Point, Equinor


PRESENTATION: Mission Impossible
Nina Brattetaule, Director, IT & Digitalisation, Archer

Panel 6: Machine Learning and AI – Measuring the Impact on Operational Efficiency

  • How Machine Learning encourages organisational scalability – A focus on Supervised, Unsupervised and Reinforcement Learning
  • How Machine Learning Facilitates Automation – How can data quality be fully guaranteed?
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance – Improving Machine Connectivity through AI
  • Real Time Data – Establishing an effective Event Driven Architecture
  • AI Integration with Machine Learning – Safeguarding industry knowledge and how to effectively standardise data management
  • Integrating Asset Management with AI based Predictive Maintenance - The challenges and opportunities for Scaling up

Harald Wesenberg, IT Specialist and Software Innovation, Equinor
Caio Sene, VP Technology, Shape
Saad Kisra, Head of Products, SLB
Brendan Sullivan, CCO, Viasat
Pedro Santos, Lead Data Scientist, TotalEnergies
Moderator: Shaun Johnston, VP, Intelligent Operations, Wood

PRESENTATION: Security starts with Digital Identity
Lisa Guit, Oil & Gas, IAM Business Manager, Condatis


Panel 7: Corporate Adaptation and Change Management – Redefining Leadership Models

  • Create a culture that truly embraces digitalisation – Understanding the Future workforce objectives
  • Striking the right balance between investment in technology and people - Managing the cultural shift needed for new technology adoption
  • Developing an agile framework and operating model - How do we empower middle managers
  • The implementation of an 80-20 rule – 80% people and 20% Technology
  • Championing innovation and change – An insight into internal and external Change Management
  • Manage the cultural shifts needed for new technology adoption - Utilising new tools and enterprise systems

Benjamin Sokolowski, Product Manager, Wintershall Dea
Sara Cerruti, Vice President, Global Customer Transformation, ServiceMax
Claire Phillips, UK Country Director, Baker Hughes
Nina Brattetaule, Director, IT & Digitalisation, Archer
Moderator: Eleanor Melvin, Agile Coach, TotalEnergies

Closing Remarks; Buffet Dinner and Whisky Tasting


Wednesday 28 June 2023


Opening remarks
Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group International

Opening Keynote Presentation
Maan M. Iskander, Green Energy & Environmental Policy Director, Saudi Aramco

Fireside Chat
Alastair Reid, Competitor Insights Manager, bp

Thought Leadership Presentation
Steve Freeman, Head of Energy Transition, SLB

Panel 8: The Sustainability Roadmap – Understanding the Progress of Carbon Capture and Storage

  • Assessing the Sustainable future for Upstream Oil and Gas – How to plan for environmental sustainability
  • Formulating a Low Carbon Business Model – Comparing carbon removal with emission reduction
  • The Significance of Stability and Investment Framework - Understanding current policies and regulations still under development
  • How does Digitalisation resonate with CCUS – Pairing Innovation with Climate Change
  • Embracing New Energy Models – What are the key challenges that lie ahead?
  • Comparing CCUS, DAC and BECCS – Which Technology will prevail?

Maan M. Iskander, Green Energy & Environmental Policy Director, Saudi Aramco
Steve Freeman, Head of Energy Transition, SLB
Jamie Burrows, Head of Business Development, CCUS, DNV
Adrian Blanck, Chief Digitalisation Officer, Saudi Aramco Base Oils
Taoufik Ait-Ettajer, Subsurface Manager, Technology, E & P, Low Carbon, Repsol
Moderator: David King, Sales Manager, UK & Ireland, NOV

Fireside Chat
Janaina Ruas Filiponi, EUR Supply Chain & Sustainability Manager, SLB


PRESENTATION: Understanding the Economic Potential of Petro-Lithium Related Studies – Exploring of European Geothermal Lithium Occurrences
Istvan Nagy-Korodi, Ph.D, Resevior Geologist, MOL

Panel 9: Offshore Wind Technology and Oil and Gas – Redefining Collaboration and Future Partnerships

  • Achieving Carbon Neutrality whilst dealing with Escalating demand and Renewable Intermittency
  • How Innovation Facilitates Convergence – The emergence of floating Wind as a power source to Oil and Gas
  • The Impact of Regulation and Cross Sector Challenges – How to leverage synergies across the supply chain
  • Scaling Offshore Wind Technology – How future alliances with operators will be set up versus organic growth
  • Understanding Transferrable Skills – Product focus on jackets and substations
  • Investing in Economic Development – Understanding the social impact of wind power deployment

Christopher Banks, Principal New Energy & Geoscience Consultant, SLB
Katy Heidenreich, Supply Chain & People Director, Offshore Energies UK
Philippe Farschi, Offshore Wind Strategy & Business Development, Reventus Power
Moderator: David Rodger, Energy Transition & Renewable Energy Commentator, Former CEO AREG (Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group)

Fireside Chat
Karl Outen, Strategy, Marketing & Sustainability Manager, Oil & Gas, Shell


Panel 10: Establishing Stability and Functioning for the Hydrogen Ecosystem – Creating a Decarbonised Economy at Scale

  • Understanding the Value and Colour of the Rainbows – Assessing the Scalability of Blue, Green, Pink and Grey
  • Technology Integration and the Customer – Understanding service models to enhance customer experiences
  • Overcoming the Challenges of Volumetric Density – Exploring Innovation for large scale hydrogen
  • Blue Hydrogen and CCUS – Evaluating production pathways and affordability
  • Investigating Best Practices and Commercialisation for Clean Hydrogen – Understanding the role of government policy and regulatory frameworks
  • The Financial Roadmap for Hydrogen – Unlocking Capital for successful economies of scale

Christopher Banks, Principal Geoscience & New Energy Consultant, SLB
Zeeshan Rasheed, Procurement Director, Global Engineering, Brownfields Projects & New Energy Start-Up, bp
Moderator: Gordon Ronaldson, SVP, Kenera, KCA Deutag