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The UAE-based company is striving to become a global leader in the application of AI tools in the oil and gas sector. As part of that push, it is rolling out some smart technology in its Persian Gulf fields.
18 July 2024
The energy sector giants say they will pool resources to develop subsurface digital solutions and AI-based tools to reduce the carbon intensity of oil and gas fields, as well as advancing carbon capture and sto
12 July 2024
Generative AI is already changing the jobs market, requiring a range of new skills, but it is also making a lot of traditional roles obsolete.
21 June 2024
A report from DNV investigates the benefits and challenges of developing a network of interconnected digital twins, as part of the UK’s efforts to introduce the low-carbon technologies required to hit its net-z
11 June 2024
Machine learning platform Hugging Face is providing $10m-worth of free computing power to fledgling artificial intelligence developers facing huge bills.
24 May 2024
The Oslo-based fertiliser company is collaborating with Kongsberg Digital to deploy digital twin technology that will improve plant operations and help facilitate a carbon capture and storage (CCS) project.
17 May 2024
The facility in central Belfast adds to a network of existing centres, designed to foster collaboration, innovation and provide training as part of the UK’s push for leadership in AI-related technology.
13 May 2024
Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore are among countries to attract sizeable AI-related investments from global tech companies, including Microsoft and Amazon.
09 May 2024
An online geospatial mapping tool developed by the IEA and academic researchers is designed to help energy providers bring electricity to Africa faster and more efficiently.
16 April 2024


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