Technology, Innovation & Decarbonisation in the Energy Sectors

A satellite being launched by the Environmental Defense Fund and backed by Google AI technology, will provide new levels of detail on methane emissions from oil and gas installations. (Photo credit: NASA)
20 February 2024
Increasing use of power-hungry AI to run digital twins, generative AI and other computer technology is leading to a surge in electricity demand from data centres that requires an urgent response if green power
09 February 2024
The project will allow Equinor to model the processes of wells, pipelines, and offshore production facilities for Sleipner installations in the North Sea. (Photo credit: Øyvind Gravås, Bo B.
01 February 2024
The TwinEU research project is scheduled to take three years, involving key players in the sector and the development of multiple pilot schemes across the continent.
29 January 2024
The integration of DTC and IIC is designed to improve collaboration on the drive to speed up the adoption of digital twins and digital transformation.
24 January 2024
The growth of digital twin technology could be accelerated by closer cooperation between US federal agencies, according to a new report.
16 January 2024
Alexis Pappas, Chief Innovation Officer at GuildOne
Data is one of the most valuable – but underleveraged – assets in the US$7.3 trillion oil and gas industry.
14 November 2023
Digital twins are becoming commonplace in many industries, including the oil and gas sector.
26 September 2023
Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) could play an important role in reducing atmospheric carbon emissions and mitigating the impact of global warming.
05 September 2023