Future Energy Systems:

15-16 June 2022 


The Future Conferences portfolio of B2B events provides senior executives from oil and gas, energy, utilities, mining and shipping sectors opportunities to explore disruptive innovation, digital transformation and new technologies that are shaping the world around us. How are digital transformation trends impacting the profitability and efficiency of operations? How can organisations manage change? And how can digital innovation support sustainability roadmaps and carbon reduction?


Future Digital Twin

Future Digital Twin
Event date - 29-30 March 2022

Defining a Digital Twin Identity and Implementing a Collaborative Working Culture

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Future Energy Systems

Future Energy Systems
Event date - 15-16 June 2022

A senior-level virtual conference connecting technology and decarbonisation for the energy sector

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Future Net Zero
September 2022

Exploring digital innovation and technologies for energy sectors in the quest to achieve net-zero

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  • I found taking part in the Future Digital Twin event a great experience. The relevance of the agenda, combined with the depth of speaker knowledge provided for a fantastic opportunity to learn and to make new connections. I particularly enjoyed the range of panelists from large operators, to large digital solutions suppliers to smaller start-ups. Fantastic to see so much of the digital ecosystem involved.

    Lee Hodder

    VP Upstream Digital Transformation, Shell

  • The Future Oil & Gas digital twin conference was a powerful status update around on of the key driver for industrial digital transformation “Digital Twin’s”.
    The structure, the content as well as the participants and the audience make this virtual conference to an important and successful experience for me and my peers.

    Rolf Saeter

    Business Improvement and Technology Manager, Shell

  • It was a great event. Conferences like these are key in attaining energy transition and digitalization, simultaneously in the oil and gas industry. It allowed us to come together, gather our thoughts and brainstorm for a day or two on what lies in the future for oil and gas and how do we collectively best steer it for the greater good.

    Manas Pathak

    Global Stategic Business Development, Intel AI Alliance, Intel Corporation

  • The 2021 Future Oil and Gas conference on Digital Innovation and Energy Transition was a significant event, bringing together deeply skilled practitioners for an insightful dialog about the technologies that are transforming our industry

    Martin R. Gonzalez

    Connected Work Principal, Intelligent Operations, bp

  • As always, the Future Oil and Gas Event present high level discussions regarding the key topics of the downstream sector. A really fundamental event to professionals who desire to keep updated with the current and future scenarios of the industry

    Marcio Wagner da Silva

    Process Engineer and Project Manager,Petrobras

What experts attending our events say about disruptive technology in oil and gas:

"Digital will continue to disrupt the whole E&P value chain as margins continue to shrink and prices continue to be volatile; no company has the luxury to leave money on the table by not using Digital to their advantage."
Rodrigo Becerra Mizuna, Chief Information Officer (Business & Digital Transformation) & Corporate Vice President, Pemex

"How we see digital in Total is not just a matter of getting ahead of the competition, it is a matter of survival."
Thierry Adolph, Digital Officer Industry, Total

“Data is the new oil, it is going to be the key ingredient in the fourth industrial revolution.”
Ruptesh Pattanayak, Director Industry Solutions - Manufacturing & Resources Sector (UK), Microsoft

“We do see digital as the main area of transformation of our business. Cloud is the big gamechanger.”
Blaine Tookey, Technology Principal – Digital Innovation Organisation, BP