Technology, Innovation & Decarbonisation in the Energy Sectors


The Future Conferences portfolio of B2B events provides senior executives from oil and gas, energy and utilities sectors opportunities to explore disruptive innovation, digital transformation and new technologies that are shaping the world around us. How are digital transformation trends impacting the profitability and efficiency of operations? How can organisations manage change? And how can digital innovation support sustainability roadmaps and carbon reduction?




The Future Digital Twin 2023 conference, organised by Cavendish Group International in collaboration with Shell, brought together energy and technology professionals from around the world to discuss digital twin technology as an enabler for the energy transition, open collaboration and digital innovation in the oil and gas and other industries.

The conference attracted a high-level gathering of more than 250 innovators and thought leaders from over 150 organisations to exchange ideas on how to speed up and improve of implementation of Digital Twin and AI-related technology.

Check out some of the KEY TAKEAWAYS

Global speakers that drive digital transformation in oil & gas

Future Conferences deliver powerful conversations and learning experiences with thought leaders, innovators, industry experts and business influencers

Frank Cassulo

Chief Digital Officer, Chevron

Patricia Rangel

VP Intelligent Operations Digital, Production and Business Services, bp

Rolf Einar Sæter

Global Digital Twin Innovation Lead, Shell

Torbjørg Fossum

VP Global CCS Solutions, MMP Low Carbon Solutions, Equinor

Jim Schneider

Solution Manager – Digital Twin, Chevron

Jo Coleman OBE

UK Energy Transition Manager at Shell

Justin Piwetz

Asset Management Lead, Research & Innovation in Virtual Technologies; bp

Ulf Nahrath

VP Energy Transition & Infrastructure, UK, Shell

Federico Giannangeli

Director E&P Technology, Repsol

Denver Rumney

UK lead at E.ON Innovation


  • It was a pleasure to sponsor and contribute to this year’s Future Oil & Gas Conference in Aberdeen, UK. This conference series has become a high-quality resource for collaboration and knowledge sharing, especially for complex topics such digital transformation and how purposeful application of technologies can add substantial value to the oil and gas industry. I have had the pleasure of witnessing how these events have evolved into more of a community, where reflection and insights are widely shared. Speakers and panels are carefully curated to provide relevant topics, ranging from technical data management and AI to discussions on digital as a core component of an oil and gas business strategy. If you are someone that’s looking to connect with others in the topics of digital and technology-enabled value creation for the oil and gas industry, I would easily recommend this event.

    Haavard Oestensen

    EVP & Chief Commercial Officer, Kongsberg Digital

  • The event was a great opportunity to meet, network and debate with skilled professionals from the energy industry including operators, service providers and research institutions.

    The healthy debates and presentations went far beyond strategy and vision, and covered solutions, technical challenges, regulations, cybersecurity and lessons learned through the sharing of case studies.

    The event came at the time when oil & gas industry continues adopting and scaling-up AI technologies, for better products to its customers and additional value to its shareholders, while leading the energy transition effort.

    Taoufik Ait-Ettajer

    Technology Projects E&P and Low Carbon, Repsol

  • Excellent Event, very professional organization and preparation. Very good and relevant  program content, selection of themes as well as highly qualified experts from different domains, promoting interesting & engaged discussions, great insights and networking. It was really a pleasure to be part of it and contribute

    Dr. Edmary Altamiranda

    Control and Systems Engineering Lead, Technology, R&D, Aker BP

  • I found taking part in the Future Digital Twin event a great experience. The relevance of the agenda, combined with the depth of speaker knowledge provided for a fantastic opportunity to learn and to make new connections. I particularly enjoyed the range of panelists from large operators, to large digital solutions suppliers to smaller start-ups. Fantastic to see so much of the digital ecosystem involved.

    Lee Hodder

    VP Upstream Digital Transformation, Shell

  • The Future Oil & Gas digital twin conference was a powerful status update around on of the key driver for industrial digital transformation “Digital Twin’s”.
    The structure, the content as well as the participants and the audience make this virtual conference to an important and successful experience for me and my peers.

    Rolf Saeter

    Business Improvement and Technology Manager, Shell


What experts attending our events say about digital innovation in oil and gas:

"We see digital integrated into every aspect of our business. Our core digital strategy aims to increase asset value, modernise the value chain and enhance employee and customer experience."
Frank Cassulo, Chief Digital Officer, Chevron

"Tools like digital twin are the future of the industry because they provide you with the insights to make better decisions and ultimately better results."
Juan Pedro Bretti Mandarano, Digital Transformation Global Advisor, Repsol

“Your digital strategy should be value-driven, predicated on finding new and better solutions to drive improved business outcomes, offering new insights that can be leveraged to reduce emissions and further improve productivity, reliability and performance of your facility. We no longer see digital twin as a nice to have; it is a must-have, to keep competitive”
Shane McArdle, President and CEO, Kongsberg Digital

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