Technology, Innovation & Decarbonisation in the Energy Sectors

The agenda for the 2024 Future Oil & Gas Digital Twin & Generative AI conference focuses on exploring innovative applications of digital twin technology in the oil and gas industry, including discussions on data integration, predictive maintenance, and operational optimization.



Data Sharing Infrastructures

Creating Data Sharing Infrastructures and Effective Federations

Enterprise Best Practices in Applying AI

Enhancing the Capabilities of Digital Twins

Adopting a User Centric Approach

How to successfully cultivate an organisation that embraces digital transformation

Computational Power, 3D Rendering and Incorporation of Physics

Understanding Best Practices in Applying AI for solving Real Business Use Cases

AI Regulation, LLM’s and Blockchain for Digital Twins

The Role of Large Language models in Promoting Purposeful Digital Transformation

Digital Twin “Tech Talks”

Understanding The Relationship Between Generative AI and Digital Twin

AI "Tech Talks"

Leveraging AI and Machine Learning for Supply Chain Optimisation

Blockchain "Tech Talks"

Accelerated Innovation Through Blockchain - Learn, Lead and Leverage



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