Technology, Innovation & Decarbonisation in the Energy Sectors

The Future Digital Twin conference programme has been developed in partnership with Shell and our advisory board. It explores the nature and feasibilty of Open Collaboration, Innovation and Energy Transition.

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Energy Hubs

Transitioning into Integrated Energy Hubs Whilst Reducing Energy throughout the Value Chain

Legal and Privacy Concerns and the future of AI and Digital Twins
  • Understanding The Relationship Between Generative AI and Digital Twin
  • Understanding Enterprise Best Practice in Applying AI
Digital Twin and Large Language Models (LLM’s)

Understanding the Use of LLM’s and Generative AI in the Digital Twin

Upkeeping the Integrity of Ageing Assets

The Role of Digitals Twins in Asset Integrity Management

Real Time Data and Dynamic Twins

The Challenges of Unifying and Contextualising Data through a Digital Twin

Comparing Subsurface and Surface Digital Twins

Establishing a Data Platform for Subsurface and Surface Twins

Understanding threats and Opportunities with Generative AI and Cyber Security

Vulnerability Management – Ensuring digital trust whilst unlocking data silos

Cross Industry Digital Twins

Demonstrating the Value of Digital Twins from a Cross Industry Perspective
Lessons Learned from Cross Sector Collaboration

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