Technology, Innovation & Decarbonisation in the Energy Sectors

Sadik Noman

Position: IT Program Manager, Mid Africa IT Leadership Team, Chevron

Sadik Noman is a highly accomplished and multifaceted leader with over 17 years of experience in the field of Information Technology (IT). He has worked across various industries, including Oil & Gas, High-Tech R&D, Smartphone, Consumer Electronics, and Telecommunications. Currently serving as the IT Program Manager- Mid Africa at Chevron in Houston, Texas, Sadik has had the privilege of working for esteemed Fortune 500 companies such as Chevron and Samsung, as well as collaborating on significant projects with organizations like the World Bank and PwC in the realm of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Sadik Noman is widely recognized as a Digital Transformation Expert, with expertise spanning various domains, data analytics, digital twins, AI, machine learning (ML), cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), robotic process automation (RPA), drones and robots. His impressive portfolio includes the successful delivery of over 100 projects, with a combined estimated value of approximately $5 billion. Sadik's commitment to professional development has taken him to several countries, including the USA, UK, South Korea, China, Singapore, the Philippines, and Thailand, where he received training and gained international exposure. He has actively participated in over 30 international workshops and conferences, further enhancing his knowledge and expertise. As an IT expert and leader, he has been a featured speaker at numerous IT conferences in the United States, focusing on topics related to digital transformation, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and cybersecurity. Additionally, Sadik holds two US patents, reflecting his innovative contributions to the field. His international presence and influence in the IT community are evident in his participation as a representative of Bangladesh in a panel discussion on Digital Transformation during South Asia Digital Week 2021 (hosted by W.Media South Asia). He has also shared his insights as a speaker at the Plant Digitization Conference-Asia Pacific in 2021 and as a panelist at the Robotics Crystal Ball Event (hosted by MarketsandMarkets). Sadik Noman's dedication to knowledge sharing extends to academia and research, as he has presented his work as a keynote speaker at the Digital Conference in 2018 in Xian, China, and at the DOFIAC Conference in 2017 in Qingdao, China, where he received the prestigious Best Paper Award. Sadik Noman's extensive experience, leadership abilities, and contributions to the field of IT make him a highly respected and influential figure in the industry. His dedication to innovation and his commitment to driving digital transformation have left a lasting impact on the organizations he has served and the global IT community

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