Technology, Innovation & Decarbonisation in the Energy Sectors

Keshav Sundaresh

Position: Global Director of Product Management, Digital Twin and Digital Thread, Altair

Keshav Sundaresh brings more than 15 years of customer success and engineering experience to his role of global director, product management, digital twin, and digital thread at Altair. In his role, he’s responsible for technical thought leadership, strategy, and driving the development of integrated software solution offerings that enable open, traceable, collaborative, and holistic digital twin/thread. Sundaresh has held several leadership roles during his 15+ year tenure at Altair and works with customers across several industries globally on smart systems, mechatronics, robotics, engineering data science, and data analytics applications. He has extensive experience distilling complex technical capabilities of simulation, high performance computing, and data analytics technology into clear and actionable business-oriented value propositions.

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