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Judy Moses

Position: Director, Resevoir Management, Americas, Chevron

Judy Moses is currently the Reservoir Management Director – Americas in Chevon’s Technology Center with responsibility to guide business units across the Americas on reservoir management practices and activities. 

In recent years Judy has led an effort to transform the major Capital Projects function and held positions to direct Chevron's upstream asset management and capital investment program in Angola and the Congo (2014-2018) and MidContinent / Permian Areas (2010-2014)

Judy received her bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering from Louisiana State University in 1987 and joined Texaco as a production engineer in Taft, California. She has held numerous engineering and management positions with Texaco and Chevron in Texas, Louisiana and California. Judy’s career has included four resident international assignments in Copenhagen, Denmark; Sumatra, Indonesia; Bangkok, Thailand, and Luanda, Angola.

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