Technology, Innovation & Decarbonisation in the Energy Sectors

Steffan Sørenes

Position: Leading Advisor, Plant IT Architecture & Integration, Equinor

Steffan Sørenes is the Leading Advisor Industrial IT in Equinor since April 2019. Steffan’s focus area is on the vertical integration between industrial assets and digital ecosystems/platforms, and setting a vision and direction for Industry 4.0 in Equinor and the energy industry. Steffan is motivated by utilising technology (data, software, hardware) and people's creativity and greatness to accelerate the world's energy transition. Simple as that.


Steffan has been in Equinor since 2011 and have had several roles within the OT/IT integration landscape. Steffan was an OT/IT architect in the Johan Sverdrup project for 5 years, one of the largest Oil & Gas fields in Norway, where the main activity was to drive adoption and implementation of OPC UA as a connectivity framework within OT and between OT and IT. Steffan has been the lead IT architect in Equinor’s Integrated Operations Centre (IOC) supporting all plants with forward looking operations based on data and insights, and Steffan has since January 2017 been an architect in Omnia Industrial IoT Platform, Equinor’s platform collecting sensor data from Equinor operated plants and making them available through APIs to internal and external clients all over the world.