Technology, Innovation & Decarbonisation in the Energy Sectors

Tuesday 23 May 2023
GST Gulf Standard Time Zone

10:00 Welcoming Speech – Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group International
10:05 Opening Keynote - Eid Harbi, Corporate Digital Factory Director, Saudi Aramco
Covering Saudi Aramco's Digital Twin journey, main DT programs, achievements and highlighting the Digital Twin related solutions as part of the journey
10:20 Panel 1: Building Effective Data Foundations for Remote Operations – Effectively Optimising Work Procedures and Accelerating Real Time Decision Making

  • Integrating Object Orientated Management – How a digital twin facilitates remote production, performance and efficiency
  • Achieving Digital Operational Mobility – Managing the integration of sensors, drones and robots
  • Adopting a Cloud Based Infrastructure – How to enhance data contextualisation, propagation and aggregation.
  • Remote Collaboration – Overcoming hurdles, real time change management and clash detection
  • The Significance of an Open Integrated Platform – Measuring the impact on Data Reliability and Security

Khaled Al Blooshi, VP, Digital Projects & Innovation, ADNOC
Abdullah Al Halafi, Corporate Digital Twin Project Manager, Saudi Aramco
Shane McArdle, CEO, Kongsberg Digital
Prakash Kumar Karunakaran, Head, NervCentre, Digital Twin, Petronas
Moderator: Wassim Ghadban, VP, Global Innovation and Digital Engineering, Kent

11:25 PRESENTATION: Harnessing Digital Twins for Enhanced Remote Operations and Pioneering the Industrial Metaverse Journey 
Wassim Ghadban, VP, Global Innovation and Digital Engineering, Kent
11:50 Networking break

Panel 2: Exploring The Development of the Digital Twin and The Enterprise Metaverse – Understanding the Role and Impact of Enabling Technologies

  • Adopting new and innovative methods within physical infrastructure operations – An insight into mixed reality
  • Implementing VR, AR and IIoT– How do we transform digital from a technology to an ecosystem.
  • Open Asset Digital Twins and the Industrial Metaverse – Effectively promoting value creation and innovation
  • Creating a Responsible Metaverse – Understanding Data modelling, governance and asset related decision making
  • Production and Performance – How to successfully create an open data platform with Industrial IoT

Merouane Debbah, Chief Researcher & Professor, Technology Innovation Institute
Mostafa ElAshmawy, Head of BIM & GIS – PMS, WSP Middle East
Dr Ahmed Alnaggar, Associate Director at LCMB, and Chair at Digital Twin Forum
Mohamed Alawi, Digitalisation Business Analyst, Petroleum Development Oman
Hiren Thacker, Digitalisation Lead, Shell
Carl Faulkner, Principal Consultant, Digital Engineering & Asset Management, Asset Connect

12:55 “In Conversation”- With Shane McArdle, CEO, Kongsberg Digital

Panel 3: Developing the “Twin of Twins” – The Fast Track to Key Performance Management with Hybrid and Cognitive Twins

  • How Deploying Hybrid Technologies Support Plant Maintenance – Converting data into actionable insights
  • Assessing proof of Scale and Economics – Determining the appropriate time for Hybrid twin deployment
  • Asset Performance Management and Digital Twin Modelling – Deploying real time data models
  • Performance Twin, Inspection Twins and the impact on Safety – Deploying effective risk assessment strategies and simulations
  • Consolidated Data Capture and Data Modelling – Enabling Asset Sustainability and sustainable practices

Dr Ozan Koseoglu, Global Head of BIM, Siemens Energy
Ahmed M. Al-Ghamdi, Digital Solutions Leader, Saudi Arabia & Bahrain, Halliburton
Dr Atif Ansar, Executive Chairman & Co-Founder, Foresight Works Ltd
Mark Enzer, OBE, FREeng, Digital Twin Hub
Dr Eyad Buhulaiga, Energy Business Leader, Strategic Executive Director, Microsoft
Dr Wael Ziadat, Chairman, SPE Drilling Uncertainty Prediction, SPE

14:05 Lunch and networking

Panel 4: Enabling Technologies and the Digital Twin – Integrating AI, IoT, Machine Learning and Blockchain into Established Solutions

  • The Case for AI and Improved Efficiency – Adopting a Hybrid Modelling Approach
  • Augmentation of Humans – Understanding the current limits of AI integration and aligning people and processes
  • Convergence of Blockchain – Measuring the Impact of AI, distributed ledgers, and smart contracts
  • Understanding Labelled Data Sets – Breaking down the application for supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning
  • Assessing the role of IoT on Remote Operations – Analysing Machinery inspection and the reduction of downtime

Osama Hanna, Senior Industry Digital Strategist, Energy, Microsoft
Chitrita Bhattacharya, Global Demand Planning & Strategy Leader, Upstream & Integrated Gas IT Operations, Shell
Prof Sami El Ferik, Director, Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Smart Mobility & Logistics
Mustafa Kara, Principal Data Scientist, Chevron
Wael Almadhoun, Manager, Technical Project, AIQ (AI JV with ADNOC)
Moderator: Mouza Al Houqani, Digital Expert, ADNOC

15:25 Networking break and refreshments
15:45 Digital Twin Greatest Projects Awards Middle East 2022
Awards presented for:

  1. FEED digital Twin of the year
  2. Construction digital twin of the year
  3. Operations Digital Twin of the year
  4. Lifecycle Digital Twin of the year
  5. Innovative Digital Twin of the year
16:15 Networking break and refreshments

Panel 5: Leveraging Digital Twins to Drive Autonomous Operations – Creating Streamlined Operations and Improved Agility

  • How can a Digital Twin be an enabler for and Autonomous Eco System – An insight into business process workflows
  • Nurturing a Collaborative Environment – How to adopt a user friendly ecosystem
  • Understanding the Scalability of Cloud Computing – How to build an advanced analytics infrastructure
  • Autonomous working for Greenfield and Brownfield Assets – How to simplify turn key automation and assess next generation operational models
  • The Convergence of OT and IT and Industry 4.0 – Developing a cyber inventory programme for IoT implementation

Dr Edmary Altamiranda, Control Systems Lead R & D, Concept Development & Technology, AkerBP
Hamed Al-Abri, Senior New Technology Advisory, Petroleum Development Oman
Dr Michael Grieves, Executive Director & Chief Scientist, Digital Twin Institute
Mubarik Hussna Choudry, GM Digital Decarbonisation, Shell
Muzahidin Muhamed Salim, Digital Transformation Program Manager, SLB
Yara Alatrach, EMEA Energy & Sustainability Digital Advisor, Oil & Gas, Microsoft

17:30 Networking Break

Panel 6: Project Digital Twin versus Operational Digital Twin – A focus on Machine Connectivity and Engineering Simulation

  • Understanding the integration of New Business Models – Evolution with Scalability
  • Collaboration versus Production Efficiencies – Improving productivity whilst accelerating change management
  • Optimising Operations through an Operational Twin – Improved decision making through preventative, prescriptive and predictive maintenance
  • What makes a Successful Project Twin – Assessing best practices and processes
  • Understanding Network Challenges – Exploring Low Latency communications through edge computing and IoT

Jason Gislason, Chief Digital Officer, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
Ashraf Wardeh, IT Director, DAC Digital Program, Oxy
Ralph Rio, VP, ARC Advisory Group
Sundeep Kamath, Head of Global Industry Innovation, Shell
Dan Isaacs, CTO, Digital Twin Consortium
Shannon Geegan Katcher, VP Digital Innovation, GTI Energy

18:40 Close of conference - Closing Remarks with Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group International


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