Technology, Innovation & Decarbonisation in the Energy Sectors

Tuesday 23 May 2023
GST Gulf Standard Time Zone

08:55 Welcoming Speech – Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group International
09:00 Opening Keynote
09:15 Panel 1: Building Effective Data Foundations for Remote Operations – Effectively Optimising Work Procedures and Accelerating Real Time Decision Making

  • Integrating Object Orientated Management – How a digital twin facilitates remote production, performance and efficiency
  • Achieving Digital Operational Mobility – Managing the integration of sensors, drones and robots
  • Adopting a Cloud Based Infrastructure – How to enhance data contextualisation, propagation and aggregation.
  • Remote Collaboration – Overcoming hurdles, real time change management and clash detection
  • The Significance of an Open Integrated Platform – Measuring the impact on Data Reliability and Security
10:15 “In Conversation”- With Shane McArdle, CEO, Kongsberg Digital
10:35 Networking break

Panel 2: Exploring The Development of the Digital Twin and The Enterprise Metaverse – Understanding the Role and Impact of Enabling Technologies

  • Adopting new and innovative methods within physical infrastructure operations – An insight into mixed reality
  • Implementing VR, AR and IIoT– How do we transform digital from a technology to an ecosystem.
  • Open Asset Digital Twins and the Industrial Metaverse – Effectively promoting value creation and innovation
  • Creating a Responsible Metaverse – Understanding Data modelling, governance and asset related decision making
  • Production and Performance – How to successfully create an open data platform with Industrial IoT
11:50 Thought Leadership Presentation

Panel 3: Developing the “Twin of Twins” – The Fast Track to Key Performance Management with Hybrid and Cognitive Twins

  • How Deploying Hybrid Technologies Support Plant Maintenance – Converting data into actionable insights
  • Assessing proof of Scale and Economics – Determining the appropriate time for Hybrid twin deployment
  • Asset Performance Management and Digital Twin Modelling – Deploying real time data models
  • Performance Twin, Inspection Twins and the impact on Safety – Deploying effective risk assessment strategies and simulations
  • Consolidated Data Capture and Data Modelling – Enabling Asset Sustainability and sustainable practices
13:05 Lunch and networking
13:40 Though Leadership Presentation

Panel 4: Enabling Technologies and the Digital Twin – Integrating AI, IoT, Machine Learning and Blockchain into Established Solutions

  • The Case for AI and Improved Efficiency – Adopting a Hybrid Modelling Approach
  • Augmentation of Humans – Understanding the current limits of AI integration and aligning people and processes
  • Convergence of Blockchain – Measuring the Impact of AI, distributed ledgers, and smart contracts
  • Understanding Labelled Data Sets – Breaking down the application for supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning
  • Assessing the role of IoT on Remote Operations – Analysing Machinery inspection and the reduction of downtime
14:55 Thought Leadership Presentation
15:10 Networking break and refreshments
15:25 Though Leadership Presentation
15:45 Digital Twin Greatest Projects Awards Middle East 2022
16:30 Networking break and refreshments

Panel 5: Leveraging Digital Twins to Drive Autonomous Operations – Creating Streamlined Operations and Improved Agility

  • How can a Digital Twin be an enabler for and Autonomous Eco System – An insight into business process workflows
  • Nurturing a Collaborative Environment – How to adopt a user friendly ecosystem
  • Understanding the Scalability of Cloud Computing – How to build an advanced analytics infrastructure
  • Autonomous working for Greenfield and Brownfield Assets – How to simplify turn key automation and assess next generation operational models
  • The Convergence of OT and IT and Industry 4.0 – Developing a cyber inventory programme for IoT implementation
17:45 Though Leadership Presentation

Panel 6: Project Digital Twin versus Operational Digital Twin – A focus on Machine Connectivity and Engineering Simulation

  • Understanding the integration of New Business Models – Evolution with Scalability
  • Collaboration versus Production Efficiencies – Improving productivity whilst accelerating change management
  • Optimising Operations through an Operational Twin – Improved decision making through preventative, prescriptive and predictive maintenance
  • What makes a Successful Project Twin – Assessing best practices and processes
  • Understanding Network Challenges – Exploring Low Latency communications through edge computing and IoT
18:50 Close of conference - Closing Remarks with Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group International