Technology, Innovation & Decarbonisation in the Energy Sectors

Mohamed Alawi

Position: Digitalisation Business Analyst, Petroleum Development Oman

Started in PDO as System Analyst assisting in Managing engineering/operation systems and workflows , handling business analysis and process improvement. Moved later to Process improvement domain looking at processes related to engineering and operation information management and key systems. In 2021 took full role of Digitalization and process improvement lead for a key project in PDO step change program part of process safety called " Asset register verification " using latest technology around the globe like machine learning , OCR and others . Currently the digitalization lead for operations helping the business to transform into digital way of working making sure that digital is in the center of what we do every day. Building the operation digital ambition program which will help in shaping the digital transformation. Supporting key innovation projects in operation in areas like production operation using robotics , asset management using digital twin and maintenance using digital predictive