Technology, Innovation & Decarbonisation in the Energy Sectors

Kongsberg Digital – Dynamic Digital Twin

Change is often synonymous with challenge. As an organization that’s over 200 years old, we know this better than most. This is why we are focusing our efforts and development power on creating the world’s leading technological solution to meet change head on: KognitwinTM 

Our dynamic digital twin solution KognitwinTM  will enable our partners, clients and collaborators to reimagine how they work in the heavy asset industry. We will see this groundbreaking solution reinvent operations, create new realities and define new benchmarks for how industries are managed, developed and create value.

KognitwinTM is a revolutionary change-maker that seamlessly intertwines and optimizes the combination of our digital and the physical worlds.

It allows industry leaders and challengers to innovate, create, and change operations and business models — together.

KognitwinTM  enables machines, functions, disciplines, partners and suppliers to operate and collaborate at a level of unprecedented efficiency and safety. It tears down barriers between discipline silos, couples safety assurance with rapid prototyping and implementation, and links offshore production with onshore operations.