Technology, Innovation & Decarbonisation in the Energy Sectors

Mika Tienhaara

Position: CEO, ROCSOLE

Mika is currently the CEO of ROCSOLE, a technology company based in Kuopio, Finland providing unique tomographic based solutions for production optimization and more efficient operations. This is done by means of own proprietary IOT sensors and software/machine learning from process streams supporting the wider digitalization with more reliable and less data which can be used for real-time monitoring, trending, diagnostics and predictive analytics. Mika is a serial entrepreneur having done various startups/scaleups previously but has also worked in several large-size companies in leadership positions but always seeking the angle of innovation and acting as an intrapreneur. Over the years he has commercialized more than 20 technologies successfully and has more than 30 publications.


He is a trained mechanical engineer in both production technology and energy technology and also holds an executive MBA title. He has held various leading positions in a long career and what keeps him young at mind is a curiosity to excel, innovate and act for transformational changes working with a variety of operators and partners. Cooperation is a cornerstone for him engaging the industry as well as academia. Mika is also serving as a program sub-committee member for the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC).

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