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The TwinEU research project is scheduled to take three years, involving key players in the sector and the development of multiple pilot schemes across the continent.
29 January 2024
The growth of digital twin technology could be accelerated by closer cooperation between US federal agencies, according to a new report.
16 January 2024
Going digital isn’t easy. Indeed, various reports have revealed that although companies want to transform digitally, 70% of digital transformation initiatives do not reach their goals.
13 June 2023
We have lift-off for drone technology
Gary Cutts, Challenge Director, Future Flight Challenge, UK Research and Innovation explains how drones look set to play a bigger role in the energy sector over the coming decade
17 October 2021
Escalating cyber threats
Nigel Thorpe, technical director at SecureAge looks at the increase in cyberattacks on energy, oil and gas companies and suggests it’s time for a new approach
27 September 2021

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