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The Oslo-based fertiliser company is collaborating with Kongsberg Digital to deploy digital twin technology that will improve plant operations and help facilitate a carbon capture and storage (CCS) project.
17 May 2024
The facility in central Belfast adds to a network of existing centres, designed to foster collaboration, innovation and provide training as part of the UK’s push for leadership in AI-related technology.
13 May 2024
Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore are among countries to attract sizeable AI-related investments from global tech companies, including Microsoft and Amazon.
09 May 2024
The draft principles call for firms in the UK offshore energy sector to collaborate more closely to strengthen predictive models such as digital twins, optimise operations and facilitate net-zero objectives.
10 April 2024
The companies are the latest industry players to pool resources to improve and speed up seismic data interpretation using AI-backed algorithms.
27 March 2024
The European AI office is expected to oversee far-reaching legislation that will require careful scrutiny by companies with EU operations, including those in the energy sector, when planning their artificial in
01 March 2024
The project will allow Equinor to model the processes of wells, pipelines, and offshore production facilities for Sleipner installations in the North Sea. (Photo credit: Øyvind Gravås, Bo B.
01 February 2024
The growth of digital twin technology could be accelerated by closer cooperation between US federal agencies, according to a new report.
16 January 2024


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