Technology, Innovation & Decarbonisation in the Energy Sectors

Gabrielle Gauthey

High Representative of the Chairman and Executive Officer to the European Institutions, TotalEnergies

Torbjørg Fossum

VP Global CCS Solutions, MMP Low Carbon Solutions, Equinor

Ulf Nahrath

VP Energy Transition & Infrastructure, UK, Shell

Federico Giannangeli

Director E&P Technology, Repsol

Dr Andreas Berger

Managing Director, Technology Ventures, Wintershall Dea

Hari Ramani

General Manager, Digital Innovation, P&T Technology, Shell

David Grainger

Leading Advisor Low Carbon Solutions, Equinor

Seth Taylor

Smart Facilities Manager, Chevron

Ben Randell

Product Line Manager, Chevron

Sundeep Kamath

Head of Global Industry Innovation, Shell

Amit Jain

Upstream & Downstream, Engineering & Operations, Chevron

Bryan Kaus

Business Improvement and Optimisation, Commercial; Phillips 66

Miriam Archer

CCUS Digital Manager, SLB

Michelle Kim

Advisor Geological Low Carbon, Repsol America

Dr. Abdullah Al-Halafi

Digital Twin Project Manager, Networks and Systems Lead Engineer, Saudi Aramco

Chitrita Bhattacharya

Global Demand Planning & Strategy Leader, Upstream & Integrated Gas IT Operations, Shell

Jai Joon

Strategic Advisor, Chevron

Taoufik Ait-Ettajer

Subsurface Manager, Technology, E&P, Repsol

Tiffany Roberts

Energy Policy, Government Regulations, Phillips 66

Mark McCrory

Head of Public & Corporate Affairs, Neptune Energy

Clement Merat

CCS Project Leader, Low Carbon Solutions, Equinor

Mubarik Hussna Choudry

Digital Decarbonisation Manager, Shell

Jason Gislason

Global Technology Manager, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company

Dr.  Reza Khaninezhad

Data Science Manager, Apache

Juan Pedro Bretti Mandarano

Engineer Data Science and Energy Advisor, Repsol

Bryan Glover

President and CEO, Honeywell UOP

Dr. Mustafa Kara

Principal Data Scientist, Chevron

Jessica Roman

Manager, Sustainability Strategy, Policy and Engagement, Phillips 66

Alvin Sia

Digital & Integration Strategy, Carbon Management, SLB

Jennifer Stewart

Director of Climate & ESG Policy, American Petroleum Institute

Ruth Herbert

CEO, Carbon Capture & Storage Association

Melissa Stark

Global Energy Transition Transition Services Lead, Accenture

Myrtle Dawes

Solution Centre Director, Net Zero Technology Centre

Shane McArdle

CEO, Kongsberg Digital

Pepi Maksimovic

Director, Application Engineering, Ansys

Kristy Bellows

VP, Growth, Worley

Francesca Bell

Senior Investor Relations Advisor, Offshore Energies UK

Josh Haacker

Chief Investment Officer, OGCI Climate Investments

Ilya Berchenko

Engagement Director,

Brian Milne

Founder and Technical Director, ZynQ 360

Austa McKendrick

Global Sales Manager, ZynQ 360

Mike Hayes

Enterprise Architect, Dell Technologies

William David Hartell

Managing Director, Stellae Energy Ltd

Russell Herbert

Industry Principal, Oil & Gas, AVEVA

Jamila Mendoza

Board Member, Norwegian Petroleum Society

Richard Dwelle

Founder, Rearden Digital Assets

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