Technology, Innovation & Decarbonisation in the Energy Sectors

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Tuesday 17 October 2023
All timings in CET

08:00 Introduction
Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group International
08:05 ETCA Opening Remarks
08:20 Opening Keynote: Digital Twin from Deployment to Business Value
Merijn Backx, IDT GM, S & E, Asset & Technology, Shell

Panel 1: Open Innovation as an Enabler for Energy Transition – Sustainably Scaling the Ecosystem across the Value Chain

  • Carbon Tracking, Transparency and Verification – A focus on Value Chain Optimisation and ESG Reporting
  • Implementing a systemised and democratised way of working – How to start small, think fast and scale quickly
  • Understanding role of an Open Twin Platform – Capturing emission sources and unlocking opportunities
  • Integrating an effective governance policy - Should platforms be agnostic to the application layer.
  • Achieving Interoperability at Pace - Developing Robust, Reliable and Secure Pilots focussing on digital guidelines and procedures

Taoufik Ait-Ettajer, Subsurface Manager, Technology, E&P, Repsol
Merijn Backx, IDT GM, S & E, Asset & Technology, Shell
Ingrid Sternhoff, OPS Digital Twins Program Manager, Aker BP
Moderator: Adriana Begeer, Managing Director, Energy & Sustainability, Accenture

09:30 “Fireside Chat”- with Shane McArdle, CEO, Kongsberg Digital
10:15 PRESENTATION: Role of Equipment Master Data for Successful Digital Twins
Mohammed Al Hashim, Lead Business Systems Analyst, Saudi Aramco

Panel 2: The Industrial Metaverse – How Does the Digital Twin and Metaverse Interconnect whilst promoting Value creation and Innovation?

  • Managing the integration of VR, AR and IIoT– How do we transform digital from a technology to an ecosystem
  • Open Asset Digital Twins and the Industrial Metaverse – Creating an open data platform with industrial IoT
  • Creating a Responsible Metaverse – Opening up Digital Twin datasets and restricting the open platform
  • Upskilling through the Metaverse – How mixed reality enhances safety amongst the workforce

Martijn Vis, Product Innovation Manager, Extended Reality & Metaverse, Shell
John Watters, Vice President Well Delivery & Technology Support, OMV
Dan Isaacs, GM & CTO, Digital Twin Consortium
Sara Amar, VP, Digital & Technology, Aker Solutions
Moderator: Abhinav Priyadarshi, Senior Director, Process Optimisation Solutions, Wood

11:20 PRESENTATION: Digital Twins on AWS: Unlocking Business Value – A Connected Worker Case Study
Ashish Naik, Senior Specialist, Autonomous Compute, Predictive Modelling & Simulation, AWS

Panel 3: Understanding the Pathways to Decarbonisation through a Digital Twin – The Significance of a data driven eco system to facilitate a Net Zero Future

  • The Impact of Digitalisation on Planning and Energy Delivery – Managing the integration of data Interoperability, Digital Settlement and Blockchain
  • Establishing a Common Platform for Transformation – Utilising Legacy data to Drive Energy Transition
  • Improving Asset Efficiency and Reducing Energy Consumption – How to Implement Data Insights through the Design and Engineering Phase
  • Understanding the Future of Carbon Capture and Carbon Tax – Measuring the impact of policy and regulation whilst acknowledging the emerging role of technology
  • How can digitalisation and innovation improve energy efficiency through CCUS - Enabling Appropriate Action Through Real Time Data Modelling

Subrata Bhowmik, PhD, Principal Engineer, Global Innovation, McDermott International
Mike Aylott, Chief Technology Officer, KBC (A Yokogawa Company)
Rik Sneep, Director of Strategy & Transformation, CEPSA
Mark Enzer, Vice Chair, Digital Twin Hub
Sadik Noman, IT Program Manager, Mid Africa IT Leadership Team, Chevron
Moderator: Dr.Mike Roshchin, CTO, Data Practice for Energy, EPAM

12:25 PRESENTATION: Profit Improvement Through Process Digital Twins
Philippa Hayward, Technical Pre Sales Manager, Digital Twins, KBC (A Yokogawa Company)

ETCA Breakout Sessions – Open Collaboration, Enabling Technologies and Renewable Energies

  • Integration of two digital twin solutions: an ETCA project – Edda Abelvik-Engmark, Kongsberg Digital & Steven Calder, CEO, Streamba
  • On how we are building a campus – Simone Kranendonk, ETCA Liaison Manager, Shell
  • Interoperability with Databricks for the Digital Twin – Ivo Everts, Strategic Architect, Databricks
  • Bringing Digital Twin to the next level, the power of AI – Ravi Khadka, Senior Manager Enterprise AI,
  • Digital Twin: Technologies under the Hood – Victor Sanchez Chumillas, EMEA CTO Digital Twin & Connected Edge CoC, IBM
  • Role of GenAI for Integrated Asset Modeling – Mike Roshchin, CTO, Data practice for Energy, EPAM Systems

Peik Lean Yap, Head of Global Digital Strategy, PETRONAS Lubricants International (PLI)​

14:20 PRESENTATION: Bridging The Gap Between Technology & Transformation
Rob Kennedy, Global Director, Digital Twin Solutions, Wood
14:35 Panel 4: Assessing the Relationship Between Operators and Vendors – An Insight into Roles, Data Ownership and Understanding the Pathways to Collaboration

  • Collaboration and data sharing – How has the digital twin facilitated internal and external communications
  • Assessing Predictive, Dynamic, Product Twins and Performance Twins – Comparing static visualisation with dynamic modelling for asset performance management
  • The Roadmap to Digital Maturity – Understanding data dimensionality and contextualisation. • How to successfully leverage the ecosystem – Overcoming Data Siloes and misaligned processes.
  • Achieving realistic expansion and scope – Examining the long-term adoption and the sustainability of a Digital Twin

Alan Bibb, Global IT Business Partner Manager, Assets, Neptune Energy
Suhaib Kaissi, Senior Expert, Procurement, Reporting & Risk Management, MOL
Menno Van Vechgel, IDTM Information, Data & Analytics, Shell
Youssef El-Sherif, Data Management Lead, Wintershall Dea
Moderator: Ragnar Alstad, Senior Enterprise Architect, Aker BP

15:20 PRESENTATION: Increased ROI – 10 Lessons Learned from Assurance of Digital Twins
Kjell Eriksson, VP, Digital Partnering, DNV
16:05 PRESENTATION: Put Time-Series to Work with GenAI and Digital Twins
Brian Parsonnet, Founder, Seeq

Panel 5: Digital Twin and Generative AI – Measuring the Impact on Operational Efficiency and Productivity

  • AI Integration and Maintaining Digital Twin Integrity – The Case for AI and Improved Efficiency and optimisation
  • Integrating Asset Management with AI based Predictive Maintenance - The challenges and opportunities for Scaling up
  • Explainable AI – How to build trust in Predictive Maintenance through machine connectivity
  • Adopting Hybrid Modelling Capabilities – Assessing the benefits of natural language processing
  • Augmentation of Humans – Understanding the current limits of AI integration and aligning people and processes

Imre Szucs, Head of Group Enterprise & Analytics, MOL
Steve Higgon, CEO, TAAP
Victor Vertregt, Digital Lead Engineering, Shell
Ryan Herman, Managing Director, Europe, Gecko Robotics
Moderator: Hannah Frederiks, Government Affairs Analyst, bp

17:10 PRESENTATION: Fast Track to Value Without the Data Overwhelm
Murray Callander, CEO, Eigen

Panel 6: How to Encourage User Adoption and Acceptance – Lessons Learned and Managing Cultural Shifts

  • Maintaining the appropriate processes for Digital Twin Deployment - Encouraging collaboration and exchange of ideas
  • How to Align strategies for Data Infrastructure – Championing Change management whilst building scalable platform
  • Enhancing human decision making – understanding the predictive role of the intelligent digital twin whilst facilitating user collaboration
  • Managing Individual and Organisational Change simultaneously – Ensuring interoperability of varied solutions • Successfully securing buy in from end users – Navigating the steps from strategy to execution and moving away from a “command and control” organisation

Emmanuelle Brechet, VP Data Technologies, TotalEnergies
Nina Brattetaule, Director, IT & Digitalisation, Archer
Shane McArdle, CEO, Kongsberg Digital
Arnout Roos, Asset surveillance & Intelligence Manager, SBM Offshore
Moderator: Shanjoy Malkani, Global Product Owner, Digital Twin, Shell

18:15 Closing remarks and Drinks Reception


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