Future Oil & Gas

1-2 Dec 2020

For over ten years, Return To Scene has driven innovation in oil and gas; our award-winning software, digitalisation and visualisations solutions adopted by global supermajors, National Oil Companies (NOCs) and niche operators with user penetration throughout the supply chain.

We deliver cutting-edge solutions that have proven to create efficiencies, faster and better decision making, enhanced collaboration, and improved HSSEQ at every phase of operational lifecycle. We create financial savings that our clients measure in $ tens of millions, and time savings equating to hundreds of man years.

The latest generation of R2S software, R2S Mosaic, is changing the way industry manages data. Our R2S AR application is digitally enabling the on-site workforce – maximising the value of this data and providing access to relevant and live operational information.

At Return To Scene, we recognise the need and industry drive towards digitalisation across oil and gas. Our continuous drive for innovation and research and development has ensured we remain at the forefront of visualisation technology and software development.