Technology, Innovation & Decarbonisation in the Energy Sectors

Tony Hunter

Position: 3D Visualisation & Information Consultant, Technical Product Owner, bp

Tony Hunter is a leading expert in technology and digital twin services with over 18 years’ experience in the industry. Tony believes that every organisation is on – or should be on – a digital transformation journey. He has a degree is in geomatics and earth sciences and has hosted events with the Net Zero technology centre. Tony joined bp 5 years ago and quickly accelerated to a position within the bp central team as subject matter expert his field of work. With a background in digital technology, consultancy, and data he deploys digital twin solutions globally across bp. Tony enjoys a reputation as a persuasive and engaging communicator and cross-functional team leader. Tony's strengths lie in his ability to influence business decisions at a leadership level whilst having a deep understanding of technical data. He understands the importance of leveraging networks across an organisation which ensures business success. His key strengths lie in his organisational intelligence where he can move teams and important initiatives forward. Working in the industry has given him the ability to manage resources effectively whilst meeting deliverable targets successfully, reliably and to deadlines. Tony has a proven track record of delivering leading-edge, large-scale IT solutions in a complex environment. He believes his ability to influence through clear communication has been beneficial to help bring organizations on a journey of digital transformation.

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