Technology, Innovation & Decarbonisation in the Energy Sectors

Gary Hickin

Position: Business Development Director, Digital Strategy & Commercialisation, NOV

Gary Hickin holds the position of Business Development Director – Digital Strategy and Commercialisation within NOV – M/D Totco and is a data management professional with almost 19 years of experience.   Gary’s expertise is in real-time energy data handling, analysis and digital products, he is actively working on developing NOV’s Max Digital Platform with a focus on the Eastern Hemisphere.

With field experience and multiple international posts in countries such as Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and the US, Gary has worked with some of the world’s largest operators and service contractors on digital innovations.

Gary is involved in multiple initiatives related to digital and data governance and is a participating member in groups such as OSDU, Energistics with a look at Oil and Gas, Renewables and digital solutions.

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