Future Oil & Gas

1-2 Dec 2020

Bradley Wright

Position: Global Technology Services Manager, Oceaneering

Bradley Wright is a polymath engineer, PPM specialist and computer scientist with over 35 years' experience in the cost-effective design, procurement and maintenance of complex, high-value, safety-critical, systems of systems.

After an early career as a Chemical Engineer, Bradley served for 18 years as a Weapon Engineer Officer in the Royal Navy where his responsibilities included the design, procurement, testing, acceptance into service and through-life support of the UK's anti-submarine warfare systems.

For the past 15 years, Bradley has led lean, digital transformation, resilience and automation programmes to improve the safety, availability and reliability, performance and profitability of high-risk, critical national infrastructure operations across defence, oil & gas, government, transport, telecommunications, utilities and health.

As Global Technology Services Director for Oceaneering's Asset Integrity business, Bradley heads Oceaneering's advanced non-intrusive inspection business and is responsible for the design, procurement, integration and deployment of all fixed sensor systems, robotic and automated solutions.