Technology, Innovation & Decarbonisation in the Energy Sectors

Tuesday 16 November

13:15 GMT

Establishing the Work Surface of the Future When imagining the future of O&G, technology comes as a key enabler to operate energy assets in a new way. What is an industrial work surface? How does it impact the way we work? Join us to learn more Stig-Erik Nogva, Director Solutions , Kongsberg Digital
Real-time virtual flow simulations to monitor and optimize your production lines

It is all about the approach! 
Breakout session hosted by Turbulent Flux:

Detailed understanding of real-time well rates is a prerequisite for efficient production optimization. You will gain insight into use cases for which we have successfully applied our real-time flow simulation technology, and a key understanding on why hybrid modeling (physics-based and machine-learning models) provides superior output.

Kjetil Roe, Founder & CCO, Turbulent Flux;
Sigurd Jevne, Solutions Delivery Manager, Turbulent Flux;
Zongchang Yang, Senior Data Scientist, Turbulent Flux
Data Requirements to Start with the End in Mind Breakout session hosted by Asset55: 
What does start with end in mind mean and how does this differ from traditional approaches? In this breakout session we will summarize critical activities required to enable end in mind planning and review critical data requirements to enable end in mind planning during design phase

Daniel Cahalarn, Director, asset55

Actionable Insights for Improved Operational Efficiency Breakout session hosted by Rocsole: How processing equipment suffers under harsh conditions due to lack of data & ways to solve this with electrical tomography. James Wall, Regional Sales Director, Rocsole

16:15 GMT

The Human Impact: the Role of Technology in Engaging and Retaining Field Service Workers The impacts of resource shortages are becoming increasingly prevalent in services. Companies that want to remain service industry leaders will need to find ways to navigate how the role of technology can enable the workforce of the future, how to onboard and retain a new generation of workers, especially millennials and how to build a flexible and engaged organization that can sustain growth with new workforce models. Sara Cerruti, Senior Director Global Customer Transformation, ServiceMax
Travis Parigi, Executive Vice President, ServiceMax


Wednesday 17 November 14:50 GMT

Urban digital twins and the clean cities - clean future vison Join Cityzenith's CEO Michael Jansen as he answers the question 'What is an Urban Digital Twin' and explains how the company's Clean Cities - Clean Future initiative can transform our cities to help drive the race to zero whilst saving building asset owners billions of dollars.

Michael Jansen, Chairman and CEO, Cityzenith

ESG – An Emerging risk or Opportunity for Oil and Gas In this session, we will explore how digitalization and emissions management are key for efficient ESG analysis. Interested in optimizing the way you work for improved sustainability? If so, this session is for you. Brian Carey, Net Zero Lead, Kongsberg Digital
Innovation Through Inner Source – How to use Open Source Methodologies  During this session, we will discuss the value of open source methodologies and strategies on how to build communities of practice to foster collaboration across teams

Stephen Nimmo, Senior Specialist Solution Architect, Red Hat