Future Oil & Gas

Aberdeen | 11-12 June 2019

Future Downstream

London | 1-2 October 2019

 * Subject to change

Tuesday 1 October 2019

08:00 Registration, Coffee and Networking
08:55 Welcome Address
Matthew Astill, CEO, Cavendish


09:00 Keynote: Improving asset performance with digital technologies
Claudia Zuluaga, Principal Digital Product Manager, Shell
09:30 Panel: The context for digital disruption

  • How does the digital agenda coincide with macro developments for the sector – what does the future hold?
  • Incorporating digitisation into a petrochemical sector facing capacity issues - how to adapt in the age of environmental concern?
  • How do older European refineries deal with digital complexity and cost?
  • What capacities are refineries working to and how can digitisation impact on this?
10:15 Case Study
10:25 Case Study: Digital transformation in the Chemical industry – how Braskem structured its Digital Center and how the transformation is being done

  • How digitalization can make your company more resilient in a volatile world
  • Integrating external digital solutions into your own systems – what can we learn?
  • Dealing appropriately with change management and overcoming the technical hurdles
  • Five main lessons learned from this digital transformation

Marcos Abech, Digital Transformation Lead, Braskem

11:10 Panel: Creating a digital competence within your organisation

  • Strategies for coping with an ageing workforce, disappearing knowledge and the need for greater skills
  • The impact of digitisation on workflow methods – how is this best implemented?
  • Embracing cultural change - who should be driving digital transformation? – CEO, CIO, CDO, COO?
11:55 Case Study
12:05 Panel: Dealing with data

  • Unlocking value from your data by breaking down silos from within
  • What innovative types of AI and deep learning can generate value from your data?
  • How to best utilize cloud platforms – what best practices can we learn from other industries?
  • The dos and don’ts and learnings from data science projects – Perils, pitfalls and opportunities
14:00 Vison 2050: A discussion with Stephen Marcos Jones, Director General, UK Petroleum Industry Association (UKPIA)

  • Policy framework and overview
  • The role of downstream in a low carbon future
14:20 Case Study: The role of disruptive, innovative technologies towards achieving our goals
14:30 Panel: Asset performance management – the role of digitalisation

  • How new tech can drive cost rationalisation, greater asset safety & reliability and asset optimisation
  • Using AI for real-time insights and predictive operations to maximize efficiency
  • The role of AR/MR/VR and new tech to support asset services & management
  • The value of smart devices and edge intelligence – what have we learned so far?
15:45 Case Study: “Fuelling the Future” – accelerating digital transformation across the Oil & Gas sector

  • Using AI Solutions to accelerate digital transformation
  • How digital technologies across asset intensive sectors are playing an increasingly important role in maximising recovery
  • Demonstrating digital technologies in reducing non-productive time and improving overall operational efficiency

Sak Nayagam, Growth & Strategy Director, Digital, Baker Hughes, a GE Company

15:55 Panel: Developing a customer-centric culture

  • Putting the customer at the centre of your business model – what does this mean?
  • The growing role of AI in voice technologies – overcoming the challenges
  • Blockchain’s role in optimising supply chain management and customer care
  • How can CRM and enterprise software support customer-centric behaviour?
16:40 Case study
Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy, Technology Fellow and Chief Data Scientist, Halliburton
16:50 Panel: Cybersecurity: The Backbone of Digital Transformation

  • The “always on” requirements of the downstream - what infrastructure is required?
  • Where are the main vulnerabilities in the system and current threats?
  • Cyber-wrapping every decision - how is this achieved?
  • Ensuring industrial security and safety with the introduction of new technologies
  • How service providers work together to achieve cyber safety and consistency across interoperable systems
17:35 Closing remarks
17:40 Drinks reception


Day Two: Wednesday 2 October 2019

08:30 Registration, Coffee and Networking
09:00 Keynote


09:15 Panel: Asset performance management – what the future holds

  • The role of advanced analytics, predictive maintenance and digital twins models in APM
  • Standardising, integrating and analysing data – what are the opportunities and threats?
  • Implementing an effective APM strategy – the Dos and Don’ts
  • Complying with expanding regulatory requirements – what can we learn?
10:00 Case Study: Providing a global antenna to guide continuous practical innovation

  • Innovation – Executives are shifting to a results-based orientation
  • Change – Accelerating progress on digital transformation
  • Operate – The future of insight-enabled enterprise management

Shan Roy, Vice President Consulting, CGI
Craig Wallace, Vice President, Global Emerging Technology Lead, CGI

10:15 Refreshments & networking
10:45 Case Study
Matt Hudson, Terminal Manager Shell Haven, Shell
10:55 Panel: Identifying new opportunities for value creation

  • Where are the opportunities for new business models?
  • How can disruptive technologies facilitate new business creations?
  • What strategy do petrochemical companies need to adopt to take advantage of new technologies?
  • Blockchain, AI, Data Analytics – what is the winning technology for business optimisation?
11:40 Lightning talks
Attendees will have an opportunity to give a short talk about ideas and projects related to the key conference themes (pre-registration required).