Future Oil & Gas

1-2 Dec 2020

Protecting critical business units with security needs beyond enterprise level

To combat the threat of cyberattacks, Zybersafe, helps businesses provide extended security, consistent security policy, and military-grade protection with integrated encryption key management.

Zybersafe interoperates with existing fiber and/or MPLS infrastructure to strengthen the movement of data across cost-advantaged open networks. Secured connections across satellite, fixed, or wireless networks can be done with greater flexibility and agility than traditional connections.

Zybersafe enables customers to securely connect to industrial control systems on remote operational sites using existing data connections. Zybersafe hardware encryption modules ensures complete segmentation of secure data streams from unsecure ones. Zybersafe solutions are designed to add an extra layer of security for data transmissions that fit into the existing IT infrastructure without need for additional configuration hereof. Hardware security modules are free of human configuration which reduces risks concerning patching and change management after deployment. By protecting data connections Zybersafe support our customers ability to comply to industry standards.

Operational networks in the offshore segment are characterized as especially vulnerable towards todays cyber threats. SCADA systems are often designed years before the current threat level which means that this infrastructure must be given a level of protection against cyber-attacks that exceeds enterprise level protection.