28 September 2021 

Since 1995, Prediktor has provided an enterprise data management software platform that securely and reliably collects and reorganizes all data streams from your enterprise production assets, and provides a new digital surface  (as part of a ‘Digital Twin’ approach) for those assets based on newly evolved industrial standards. The standards supported are based on OPC UA which can host standard asset frameworks such as ISA S95, the soon to be released NAMUR NOA and the digital twin specification from Industry 4.0 consortium – the Asset Administration Shell. The net result is that your production assets, brownfield or greenfield, will all look the same from the enterprise perspective.  This approach eliminates costly integration work and data plumbing when scaling out new innovative apps that taps into the data streams from those assets. Prediktor EDGE & MAP technologies are a proven and reliable technology with an installed-base of over 1000 installations in industrial sector, energy, maritime sector as well as oil &gas.