28 September 2021 

Morningstar is the leading brand and first choice of solar professionals designing off-grid powering systems for the Digital Oilfields of today and tomorrow, for one reason: with over four million Morningstars installed in the field since 1993 in over 100 countries, there’s no brand in the solar industry move proven for reliability.  From the iconic TriStar™ larger system controller to the small but powerful  SunKeeper™ for single-panel systems,  Morningstar has the widest range of  solar controllers suitable for use in hazardous location (HazLoc) applications.  Key products meet both North American (UL/CSA division/group) and International/European (IECEx/ATEX zone) HazLoc certification requirements.   Morningstar components set performance standards for the industry and thrive under the most challenging conditions.  With Morningstar, oil and gas and other industrial users around the world can use efficient, reliable and cost-effective solar electricity to remotely-power their essential systems on-site, greatly improving both economics and safety.