Technology, Innovation & Decarbonisation in the Energy Sectors

MDxBlocks is a pioneer in using enterprise blockchain as the core data repository in digitalization projects, positioning our client’s years ahead of the competition. 

Besides the technologies mentioned above, MDxBlocks has extensive experience with integration to systems of record (e.g., ERP and SCM) and IoT device integration.  

DI-DARQ ,(D-Digital Twins ,I- IIOT, DLT – HLF /Ethereum ,A- AI , R- Extended Reality (AR/VR) and Quantum Computing) is a comprehensive solution provided by MDx Blocks for Oil & Gas ,Environmental Social, and Governance, Green House Gas Emissions, Utilities and Energy- Traceability and Asset Management, Supply Chain of Assets and Materials , SCM- Consumer Food , Financials, HealthCare and Real Estate 

MDxBlocks is specialized in developing DdApps (Digital decentralized Applications) using Leading Blockchain Frameworks such as ConsenSys Ethereum and Quorum, Polygon, Hyperledger Fabric/Besu and Integrating with Off-Chain databases and Systems.  Started Journey with Ethereum Blockchain in 2016 with Food Product Traceability, Renamed as "totalRecall" and Rearchitected with Hyperledger Fabric – 2018. 

Implemented FDMS(Fuel Distribution Management System) for Oil and Gas Value Chain with Hyperledger Fabric – 2019 /2020. 

DeFi & NFT dApp using Ethereum Blockchain, Polygon & ERC721 token smart contract with our accelerators –2021.