28 September 2021 

Kairos3D is a cutting-edge Digital Twin software development company. The mission of Kairos3D is to participate in the deep change in the domain of Human-Machine Interface, where bi-dimensional interaction and control are being replaced by three-dimensional ones, and the traditional vision is being extended to the stereoscopic one.

Kairos3D develops Gilgamesh, an advanced agnostic software platform for the creation and maintenance of multi-purpose 3D industrial Digital Twins. Gilgamesh is an innovative platform capable of transforming existing industrial 3D CAD models (any format, any size) into intelligent 3D Digital Twins. Gilgamesh offers visual tools (no programming needed) to help clients create and maintain Digital Twins built on top of their existing 3D assets. Gilgamesh leverages existing information assets (3D CADs, technical documentation, operational systems data, external data) to easily create unparalleled interoperable 3D Digital Twins.