Future Energy Systems:

15-16 June 2022 

Datum360 is a market leader in the delivery of SaaS-based software for Engineering Information and Asset Management systems to the global AEC sectors.

The Datum360 Connected Data Platform is recognised as one of the most comprehensive, open, configurable, trusted data backbones for the management of engineering information, a trusted place to go to get to the truth about engineered assets quickly, securely, and efficiently. We provide our Connected Data Platform to the process, energy, mining, utilities & infrastructure sectors.

As a trusted data backbone, the Connected Data Platform is a critical component (for the whole lifecycle of an asset) that is necessary to build collaboration environments involving, for instance, engineering design systems, asset management, BIM, field data collection, 3D visualisation, GIS and workflow.

Our Connected Data Platform is foundational to the emerging world of Digital Twins as each Digital Twin needs a trusted data backbone to be able to even get off the ground.