Future Digital Twin

26-27 May 2021 

Darktrace Industrial is the world’s leading artificial intelligence for the defense of ICS and operational technologies (OT) against cyber-threats. Powered by machine learning and AI-algorithms, Darktrace’s Industrial Immune System learns the ‘pattern of life’ of an organization, together with its devices, and detects novel vulnerabilities and emerging threats that bypass traditional controls. As a self-learning system, it is vendor and protocol agnostic, and continually adapts to the evolving real-time activities of operational environments, including SCADA and Industrial IoT.


Darktrace Industrial is relied on by critical infrastructure providers and large enterprises worldwide to identify threats ranging from external attacks to insider error, and also provides customers with 100% visibility of their OT and IT networks. Darktrace is headquartered in San Francisco and Cambridge, UK with 40 offices globally.