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Beamo, connecting people and places.

Beamo is an enterprise-grade digital twin solution for your mission-critical facilities and remote sites. Beamo virtually teleports you to hard-to-reach places and provides an accurate, contextual, and immersive digital replica of your sites.

You cannot go everywhere but are expected to know everything. Because of distance, lack of resources, and travel restrictions, maintaining an accurate depiction of field conditions has become the number one concern of facility management, engineering, and construction experts.

Capture a 360° view of your facilities and create an immersive digital twin, in minutes. Augment your sites with data, information, and tribal knowledge. Collaborate from anywhere by unifying your remote teams under one intuitive platform.

With Beamo’s high-fidelity visual twins, streamline inspection and reporting processes. Contextualize maintenance operations, project management, and training programs while supporting the whole lifecycle of your facilities.