Technology, Innovation & Decarbonisation in the Energy Sectors

Steve Higgon

Position: CEO, TAAP

With TAAP CEO, Steve Higgon's 40-year career in Space & Defence, Retail, and the Commercial sector, he has been able to build and deploy applications at scale in almost every industry and vertical for the world's largest brands. His early experiences provided a unique understanding of the failings of how people and organisations approach software development and digital transformation. 
These experiences lead to the creation of TAAP as a platform for creating applications faster, with smaller teams, with fewer errors, with as much flexibility and functionality as conventional software applications.We created the platform in 2003, using No-code technologies to deliver solutions for our clients. TAAP have tested, used and deployed our  technology into 56 Industries, 110+ Verticals and for over 220 different business and operational workflows. We have helped digital transformation and hyper agile development for some of the worlds largest known brands in multiple languages, on a global scale

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