Future Oil & Gas

1-2 Dec 2020

Steve Higgon

Position: CEO and Founder, TAAP

Steve Higgon is the CEO and Founder of TAAP

It is said that you learn by making mistakes, well in Steve’s case he should be a genius as he spent much of his early formative years in the space and defence sector fixing everybody else’s mistakes!!

He started off working on very small mistakes, and as his experience grew, he had bigger and bigger mistakes to fix – none of which he can talk about.

TAAP was founded to create software to make applications development faster, more agile, and to use skills channelling to enable business analysts and power users to create their own applications. 

Apps can be created in hours, deployed globally, operate independent of the operating system and device type, phone, tablet of desktop, working online or offline.

Learn from everybody else’s mistakes and let TAAP help you on your digital transformation journey, and become and agile enterprise.