Technology, Innovation & Decarbonisation in the Energy Sectors

Pravin Hungund

Position: Chief Technologist & Global Head Technovation Centre, CTO, Wipro Ltd

Pravin is a passionate Technologist and Innovation leader with three decades of experience in the industry. Focussed on driving digital transformation in today’s rapidly evolving disruptive world, Pravin has played a major role in developing thought leadership PoV’s and solutions across industries at the convergence of Emerging Technologies, Industry processes and Consumer behaviour. Pravin’s expertise cuts across the life cycle of innovation from conceptualization & ideation to design & build to thought leadership also Enterprise client innovation adoption. 

Pravin has provided global leadership for Technovation Centre, Wipro’s state of the art Innovation incubation centre since inception in January 2013. Most recently, he was responsible for setting up the Silicon Valley Innovation Centre (SVIC) in Mountain View, California, USA. 

Pravin enjoys public speaking, has been a Keynote speaker & panellist in international Conferences