Technology, Innovation & Decarbonisation in the Energy Sectors

Jamila Mendoza

Position: Board Member, Norwegian Petroleum Society

Jamila Mendoza is a world-leading business executive in global corporate consulting services providing solutions to the world's most important corporations, governments and international institutions. Next, she serves as board member of the young energy committee of the Norwegian petroleum society. In addition, she is coordinator of Group of Experts in a commission of the United Nations. Prior to this, she served in a Norwegian university as Institute Council Deputy Leader to contribute to the university’s vision and strategy. In addition, she is marketed as the first pioneer woman in decarbonize and establish the energy management system onshore/offshore in Norway, under her leadership, the drilling company has grown into a global leader in low carbon emissions energy partner. She has also a track record in the renewable industry, space industry and export in executing corporate development, corporate governance, global strategy, cybersecurity management, and quality reporting and disclosures in compliance with regulations and international law. As well as open new markets for increasing revenues with an eye in responsible and ethical impact on stakeholders, and shareholders.

She earned higher education in International Relations (Honors), Masters in energy, environment and society from the University of Stavanger. Additionally, she has a Finance concentration specialization in Switzerland and executive programs in responsible AI leadership.