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Eric Devoy

Position: Principal Architect, Security, bp

Eric Devoy is a Principal Security Architect focused on securing bp’s industrial/automation assets globally.  In this role he is responsible for the   digital security strategy and architecture needed to protect all bp’s automation systems and industrial control assets from cyber threats.  This includes upwards of 150 industrial control sites ranging from refineries, pipelines, offshore platforms, and renewable energy sites such as wind farms and solar power generating facilities.  Eric and his team are leading the advances to bp’s industrial security posture by defining and delivering the security strategy needed to enable safe, reliable, and “smart” industrial operations. 

Eric holds a bachelor’s degree in Operations Management and has always had a strong passion for applying technology to solve business problems. He started his career in the late 1990s as a software developer/engineer with Amoco and then spent several years as a  consultant delivering functional, integration and security solutions in the refining and manufacturing space before coming back to work for bp in 2009.