Technology, Innovation & Decarbonisation in the Energy Sectors

Dominique Pageault

Position: Quantum Program Manager , TotalEnergies

Entered TotalEnergies Exploration & Production in 1992.

Ensured a Field Operations career in different area maintenance & inspection, support, operations, projects and in different assets/countries.

Nominated Field Operations Manager in 2026 then Operations Manager

Back to TotalEnergies HQ in 2012, lead the Operations for the Future Department in charge to identify how new technologies can be adapted/implemented and bring value in Operations, then in charge to deploy the New Production Data Management System in TotalEnergies E&P affiliates to manage production forecast/budget and production reporting.

Joined Quantum team in charge of data structuration for TotalEnergies Digital Twin in 2020 to deploy TEP Denmark affiliate. Took the lead of the TotalEnergies Quantum program in October 2021.