Technology, Innovation & Decarbonisation in the Energy Sectors

Alexander Burnett

Position: Member of Scottish Parliament Aberdeenshire West; Shadow Minister for Business, innovation and Energy

Alexander Burnett is the constituency Member of Scottish Parliament for Aberdeenshire West, sits on the Finance and Constitution Committee and is the Shadow Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy. He sits on various Cross Party Groups, and is Co-Convenor for the Oil and Gas CPG as well as the Deputy Convenor for the CPG on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. 

Representing a constituency from the North East, which has many constituents tied to the Oil and Gas industry, Alexander has spoken many times at the Scottish Parliament about the benefits of the industry. A sector he already had some experience through his 10 years living in Azerbaijan and subsequent renewable activities in Aberdeenshire.  

By background, Alexander describes himself as a conservationist with a passion for sustainable development, particularly in renewable energy and environmental issues. Alexander has a keen interest in reducing demand, increasing efficiency, developing storage and expanding district heating across Scotland.