Future Oil & Gas

16-17 Nov 2021 

Adrian Fielding

Position: Global Director for Plant & Personnel Safety & Integrated Protective Solutions, Honeywell

Adrian Fielding is the Global Director for Plant & Personnel Safety & Integrated Protective Solutions and works within Honeywell Process Solutions.  Adrian has been part of the Global Industrial Safety & Security initiative with Honeywell since 2006.  Adrian is responsible for the overall strategy of the Safety business related to Process, Plant, Asset and Personnel.  This includes identifying Honeywell technologies and resources and the coordination of Honeywell’s strategic partners, business development and product marketing of key solutions that make up the Honeywell Safety Portfolio. Honeywell solutions are used for the protection of medium-sized and large operations that are often enterprise wide. This includes, but is not limited to; refineries, pipelines, power plants, chemical plants, on and off shore facilities, and industrial ports.

Adrian has a strong technical background, which he acquired from 10 years of service as an Avionics Engineer with the Royal Air Force.