Technology, Innovation & Decarbonisation in the Energy Sectors

Future Energy Systems brought together professionals from  utility companies; technology vendors; policy managersinvestors, procurers, system integrators, oil & gas companies, government and municipal authorities from around the world to to explore green energy delivery and how technology and digitalisation can contribute to the decarbonisation of the energy sector on 15-16 June 2022. 

Below you can find the content recordings from the event or you can explore our Youtube Playlist.

Keynote interview:
Lucy Yu, CEO, Centre for Net Zero, Octopus Energy Group
Panel#1: Transitioning to Smart Grids – The Significance of an Electric Grid and Digital Infrastructure 01:07:24
Presentation: Digital Twin for Grids – Accelerating the Energy Transition
Lasse Jamt, VP Renewables and Utilities, Kongsberg Digital
Ian Funnell, CEO, UK & Ireland, Hitachi Energy
Panel#2: Energy Transition and Renewable Integration – Building a Decarbonised Energy System 01:02:03
Presentation: From Passive Bill Payers to Active Participants of the Grid – The Real Transition
Marzia Zafar, Director of Sustainability & Energy Policy, Kaluza
Miguel Ribeiro Ferreira, Director & Senior Management, EDP, Energias de Portugal S.A
Panel#3: Energy Storage Technologies – Overcoming the High Capacity, Long Duration Energy Conundrum 01:03:35
Presentation: On the Energy Digitalisation Taskforce’s Governance Recommendation 
Steven Steer, Lead Data Consultant, Zuhlke
Devrim Celal, CEO, KrakenFlex (Part of the Octopus Energy Group)
Michael Jansen, Chairman and CEO, Cityzenith
Panel#4: The AI, Machine Learning, and IoT Revolution – How to Build Greater Adaptability and Resilience in our Networks 59:27
Close of conference Day One - Closing Remarks with Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group and Philip Steele, Future Technologies Evangelist, Octopus Energy 14:52
Alejandro Macho Aroca, GEM Digital Strategy, Iberdrola
Panel#5: Regulation and Conformance – How AI is influencing Processes and Regulatory Bodies 01:04:28
Presentation: The challenge of adopting new systems for energy retailers
Xanthe Bennett, Head of Business & Data Solutions, Expleo Group
Panel#6: People, Process and Technology Versus Technology, Process and People – How to Redefine Workforce Objectives 01:09:31
Presentation: Digitalising the Energy System
Laura Sandys CBE, Non-Executive Director, SGN & Energy System Catapult
Panel#7: Establishing Stability and Functioning for the Future Energy Ecosystem – How Data and Digitalisation will drive the need for Change 52:35
Panel#8: Electrification, Decarbonisation and Digitalisation – How will these Three Pillars be the future of Critical Infrastructure 01:00:12
Close of conference - Closing Remarks with Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group and Layla Sawyer, Secretary General, currENT 13:47


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