Future Oil & Gas

16-17 Nov 2021 

 * Subject to change

Tuesday 28 Sep 2021
(all timings BST)

08.55 Welcome Address
Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group International
09:05 Opening Keynote – PNDC, (Power Networks Demonstration Centre)
Professor Sir Jim McDonald, Principal and Vice-Chancellor,University of Strathclyde
09:20 Panel 1: Democratising and contextualising your data – Effectively Digitising Grid Assets

  • Improving business efficiency using data management & integration – Enabling Data aggregation and classification
  • Leveraging the data to empower others – Adopting self-service analytic tools to increase efficiency whilst lowering your carbon footprint
  • Moving away from large data siloes – Developing a Flexible and Autonomous Grid
  • Understanding the Key capabilities – Operational models connecting Data Strategy, connectivity, governance and adoption 
  • Sustainable Information Technology and The Future of Data Storage – The steps utilities and energy companies need to make to define innovative carbon friendly data centre models, initiatives and data processes
  • How big data is helping decentralise energy – Creating Smarter and faster networks
  • Integrating and managing legacy data systems – How Data is an asset and needs to be treated as such
  • How to manage risks across your supply chain – Developing an effective cyber inventory programme around critical infrastructure
  • Evolution of the threat landscape – How a shared responsibility model and cross collaboration is key
  • Embracing data standardisation to ensure effective Interoperability – Developing effective and compliant data models that meet current industry standards and requirements

Thierry Grima, Group Chief Analytics Officer, ENGIE
Andreea Ionita, Chief Digital & Chief Technology Officer, E.ON
Philipp Behr, Energy & Utilities Executive, Google
Lasse Jamt, VP Renewables and Utilities, Kongsberg Digital

David Adkins, Digital Transformation Manager, National Grid

10:20 Presentation: The Green Grid Transition
Shane McArdle, SVP Production, Kongsberg Digital
10:55 Panel 2: Harnessing and Developing the Power of Digital Technologies – The Future of Grid

  • How to enable an efficient and transparent information exchange between stakeholders, DNO’s, TSO’s and generators – People, Process, Technology and Data
  • What digital tools are required for network planning, power systems operation and market facilitation – An insight into Machine Learning, predictive maintenance and AI
  • How big data redefines the current utility business model – Creating greater visibility on the supply side of energy through predictive maintenance
  • The opportunities that arise from using edge and cloud software - How do you measure their short term and long-term impact?
  • Managing the evolution and growth of the Common Information Model (CIM) – The key steps for success
  • The Future Business Model for Sustainable Investment – An insight into Government green policies and funding

Pier Lorenzo Dell’Orco, CEO, Italgas Reti SpA
Euan Norris, Head of Smart Cities, Scottish Power
Jamie Stapleton, Global Digital Portfolio Leader, Hitachi ABB Power Grids
Tim Manandhar, Lead Smart Grid Technology Engineer, UK Power Networks

William Rowe, Founder and CEO, Octopus Hydrogen

11:55 Presentation: A Pattern is Emerging in Enterprise Digitalisation Strategies…
Espen Krogh, CEO, Prediktor A/S
12:35 Panel 3: Defining a digital roadmap for a decentralised energy system - Energy transition
as part of the climate change agenda and solution

  • How to maintain the dispatchable power capacity in the renewable age – Utilising flexible demand management to compensate for intermittent generation
  • Integrating a renewable energy transition strategy and developing a resource development programme - A focus on electrification, hydrogen, wind and solar
  • Carbon capture utilisation, storage and hydrogen infrastructure - What technology framework applies and how this effects development funding
  • How does applying technology reduce waste across the value chain – A spotlight on digital platforms to maximise efficiencies
  • Measuring a Utilities Internal and External Roadmap – An insight into workflows, investment plans and customer target metrics
  • The role of digital technology and achieving net zero carbon emissions – Analysing the collaboration between energy networks in decarbonising heating and transport
  • Regulatory pressure and conformance – Policy evolution in a net zero world focussing on standby capacity whilst clarifying regulations between short and long-term duration energy storage

Luis Hernandez, Head of Energy Communities and Networks, E.ON
Caroline Bragg, Head of Policy, The Association of Decentralised Energy
Nigel Holmes, CEO, Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association
Laura Sandys CBE, Non-Executive Director, SGN & Energy System Catapult
Tim Lord, Senior Fellow, Net Zero, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

Dr. Chinnan Maclean Dikwal, Head of Energy Transition, Sustainability and Net Zero, KBR

13:45-14:30 PNDC Private Workshop (Invite only)
14:15 Presentation: (How to Build) Trust in AI to Support Your Maintenance and Operations
John Glen, Co-Founder and CFO, Spartan Solutions
14:30 Panel 4: Modernisation of the Electric Grids - Success stories and Lessons Learned

  • The implementation of data driven technologies – Embracing IoT, Machine Learning and Edge computing fundamentals to increase commercial value
  • The role of AI and Machine Learning – How this technology safeguards industry knowledge and makes data management more effective
  • Mitigating risks associated with applying the latest technology and the impact on data management strategies
  • Incorporating Virtual Power plants and Microgrids in a distributed energy system – What can we learn?
  • Adopting diverse business models for grid-level energy storage – A focus on electrification, hydrogen, wind and solar and overcoming the intermittency of renewable energy
  • Integrating existing technology with latest generation IoT and advanced analytics

Philip Steele, Future Technologies Evangelist, Octopus Energy
Dr. Jeff Hardy, Senior Fellow and Non-Executive Director, UK Power Networks (CEG)
Graeme Cooper, Head of Future Markets, National Grid
Drew Gravitt, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Schneider Electric
John Glen, Co-Founder and CFO, Spartan Solutions

James Hooper, Head of Customer Engineering, Energy & Utilities, Google

15:50 Presentation: On energy data monopolies and re-imagining economic architectue
Steven Steer, Lead Data Consultant, Zühlke Group
16:00 Panel 5: Energy Innovation at Scale – Decarbonisation, Decentralisation and Digitalisation

  • Meeting the Rising Demand of Power and addressing Climate Change – The Challenges and Opportunities to a low carbon economy
  • What are the key barriers and challenges for Decarbonising?
  • How to balance profitability and environmental conformity – Pairing innovation with Climate change
  • Developing New and Innovative Green Value Chains – Combining Renewable Energy with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • The role of technology to decarbonise the customer – Storage and transportation
  • Investor Relations and Stakeholder Management – Redefining energy system models whilst maintaining parity with investors, policy makers and consumers
  • Defining a Technology Roadmap – Accelerating sustainable innovation through
    enhanced international data sharing

Adele Ara, Head of Global Business Operations, Lightsource bp
Guro Knapstad, Innovation Lead and Energy Transition, Glitre Energi
Olivia Rex, Head of Public Affairs, Centre for Net Zero
Florence Fontani, EVP Strategy and Communications, ENGIE

Rebecca Sedler, Director of Policy & Regulation, EDF

17:15 Presentation: New Solar-Powered Solutions for Hazardous Locations at Oil & Gas Sites
Kyle Willsey, Business Development Manager, Morningstar Corporation
17:30 Panel 6: Corporate Adaptation and Change Management – Future Workforce Objectives

  • Create a culture that truly embraces digitalisation – Developing an agile framework and operating model
  • Centralisation and Decentralisation – Managing the transition between legacy processes and new proactive service models
  • How enterprise of adoption of analytics and data tools represent a significant culture change – Redefining leadership models, championing innovation and empowering middle managers
  • Embracing innovative methods of executing key activities – Utilising new tools and enterprise systems
  • Transitioning the workforce pool – How to effectively manage the impact to business units whilst sustaining motivation and actioning
  • An insight into internal and external change management – Balancing the technological evolution with an ageing workforce whilst effectively managing external stakeholders and fulfilling customer expectations
  • The Proactive service model – Leveraging AI to predict and protect
  • Strike the right balance between investment in technology and people - Managing the cultural shift needed for new technology adoption

Filipe Mota Da Silva, Consulting Leader, Energy, Resources and Utilities, UK & EU, Tata Consultancy Services
David Hartell, Managing Director, Stellae Energy Ltd
Susan Sturm, IoT Board Advisor, Innosphere Ventures
Bryan Hill, Technology Strategist, Microsoft

Ben Randell, Product Line Manager, Chevron

Closing Remarks