Technology, Innovation & Decarbonisation in the Energy Sectors

Future Digital Twin brought together oil and gas professionals from around the world to to explore how to incorporate a digital twin and ensure best practice throughout the product lifecycle on 29-30 March 2022. 

Below you can find the content recordings from the event.

Opening Keynote:
Patricia Rangel, VP, Intelligent Operations Digital, Production & Business Services, bp
Panel#1: From Proof of Concept to Proof of Scale – The Road to Success 01:04:36
In Conversation:
Shane McArdle, Senior Vice President Digital Energy, Kongsberg Digital interviewed by Adam Soroka, MD, Cavendish Group
Panel#2: Achieving Maximum Value from the Digital Twin across the Supply Chain 57:03
Presentation: The AnyTwin Approach – Enabling Collaboration and Integration
Gregor Deans, Customer Success Manager, FutureOn
Panel#3: Collaboration is Key – Is there a Silver Bullet? Do we Buy, Build, or go Hybrid? 55:40
Innovation Spotlight
Maisa Monteiro Da Cunha, Drilling and Wells Ambition Area Owner, TotalEnergies
PresentationDigital Twins – The Key to Unlocking Digital Transformation Benefits in the Process Industr
Hans Kouwer, Director, Industry Consulting EMIA, Hexagon PPM
Panel#4: Driving Digital Change: How Data will Dictate the need for Organisational Transformation 58:14
Presentation: Engineering the Plant of the Future – Balancing Sustainability, Digital Transformation and
Efficiency to Build the Digital Twin for Operations

Julien De Beer, VP, Engineering & Design Business, AVEVA
Presentation: Leveraging Digital Twins to Pivot your Business to Clean Energy
Brian Flett, Senior Director, Product Manager, Bentley Systems
Panel#5: Digital Twin and ESG – The Role of Technology in Meeting Net Zero Commitments 01:07:38
Presentation: Urban Digital Twins – Decarbonising the Built Environment
Michael Jansen, Chairman and CEO, Cityzenith
Panel#6: Safety, Efficiency, Reliability and Sustainability – How does a Digital Twin impact
the real world of Operational Industry
Panel#7The Digital Twin Conundrum: Breaking down the Data and Communication Silos 59:56
Presentation: How to Deliver the Sustainable Plant of the Future by the 8D Digital Twin
Wassim Ghadban, VP, Global Innovation and Digital Engineering, Kent
Panel#8: Cyber Security – How can a Digital Twin Help Combat Cyber-Attacks? 45:08
Panel#9: IoT, Machine Learning, Blockchain and Digital Twin – Creating an Effective
Business Case and Digital Ecosystem
Presentation: Re-using Digital Twin from other Industries - A Working example ready today
Andrei Kalinichev, Director, Industry Solutions, Oil & Gas, Dassault Systemes
Panel#10: Leadership and Trust – An insight into Management Strategies and the
Perception of Agile Deployment
PresentationRevolutionising the World of Predictive Maintenance
Henrique Domakoski, Director, Sales & Marketing, Shape
Panel#11: The Evolution of a Digital Twin– Preparing for Longevity and not a Short-Term Fix 54:45