Technology, Innovation & Decarbonisation in the Energy Sectors

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Thursday 21 September 2023
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Welcome Speech
Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group International

09:15 14:15

Panel 1: Digital Twin as a Central System of Engagement – Ensuring Segmentation and Contextualisation of data and understanding the Value Created

  • Understanding historical time series data – Understanding these three pillars for Reliable Effective management
  • Establishing a scalable and Sustainable Ecosystem – Determining the federation of data sources
  • Scaling the Asset Digital Twin – Assessing business interoperability and collaboration
  • Managing the Bidirectional flow of Data – Dealing with Data Dimensionality across the Value Chain
  • How to configure diverse data types – The methodology behind open data architecture and platform development

Shane McArdle, CEO, Kongsberg Digital
Ashraf Wardeh, IT Director, DAC Digital Program, Oxy
Hari Ramani, General Manager, Digital Innovation, P & T Technology, Shell
Reza Khaninezhad, Principal Data Scientist, Apache Corporation
Justin Piwetz, Asset Management Lead, Research & Innovation, Virtual Technologies, bp
Moderator: Maisa Monteiro Da Cunha, Drilling and Wells Ambition Area Owner, TotalEnergies

10:15 15:15

“In Conversation”- with Shane McArdle, CEO, Kongsberg Digital

10:45 15:45 “In Conversation”- with Monali Dash, Productivity COE Lead, ET&P, Shell
10:55 15:55

Panel 2: Connected Digital Twin Management – Understanding Digital Platforms and enabling interoperability of data

  • Exploring Reality First Model versus Data Model – Aligning and assessing cost to implement and organisational capability
  • Fostering Real Time Data interoperability – How to facilitate open data architecture
  • How to increase Digital Twin Maturity through Asset Visualisation – Adopting a modular principle
  • How to Transition Data into Actionable Formats – Managing the integration of real time data and Rapid implementation
  • Using AI and ML to enhance Reliability – Leveraging machine analytics to improve availability and end-to-end optimisation

Marcelo Gonella Fernandez, Product Owner for Digital Twin, Chevron
Salla Eckhardt, SVP, Commercial, OAC
Mark Enzer, Vice President, Digital Twin Hub
Dr. Oscar A. Abbink, Director Energy Technology & Innovation, S & P Global
Moderator: Lisa Sacco, Business Venture Manager, ExxonMobil

11:50 16:50

“In Conversation”- with Jim Schneider, Solution Manager, CTC, Surface Digital Platform, Chevron

12:05 17:05

Panel 3: Natural Language Models and AI – Open-Source Innovation and the Integration of Enabling Technologies

  • An insight into AI enabled Digital Twins – How regulations are critical to ensure interoperability of varied solutions
  • Measuring the impact of ChatGPT– Understanding the benefits of Explainable and Generative AI
  • Incorporating dynamic digital twin simulation – Spotlight on Agnostic Technology
  • Incorporating Reality Capture Models – Extracting Knowledge and implementing structure
  • Responsible AI – Connecting the dots between people profile, centralisation of data and open collaboration

Pedro Santos, AI Strategist & Lead Data Scientist, TotalEnergies
Jason Gislason, Chief Digital Officer, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
Mustafa Kara, Principal Data Scientist, Chevron
Dr. Wael Ziadat, Managing Director for R&D at Dhahran Techno Valley Innovation Centre and Chairman of the Society of Professional Engineer Drilling Uncertainty Prediction Technical Section
Haavard Oestensen, VP of Growth, Digital Twins, Kongsberg Digital
Moderator: Dr. Martin R. Gonzalez, Innovation & Technology Principal, bp

12:55 17:55

Presentation: Introducing Hybrid Digital Twins
Vitor Lopes Pereira, Senior Product Sales Manager – Digital Twin – Americas, Ansys Inc.

13:10 18:10 LUNCH & NETWORKING
13:40 18:40

“Fireside Chat”- With Raj Rapaka, Digital Transformation, Technology Scouting & Ventures Advisor, ExxonMobil

13:55 18:55

Panel 4: Fostering a Common Data and Maturity Model - How Digital Twins can create a visual way of working and efficient documentation workflows

  • Establishing and open data infrastructure – Encouraging Innovation by relinquishing control.
  • The role of an Open Digital Twin in operational reliability and process optimisation - How to successfully democratise data and achieve end to end visibility
  • Managing 3D Asset visualisation – Understanding the pathways for increasing digital twin maturity and sustainability
  • How to build models around analytical processes – Understanding operating procedures and extracting value with data
  • Scaling the Enterprise Metaverse – Deploying a system of systems approach

Sundeep Kamath, Head of Global Industry Innovation, Shell
Ibrahim Al-Syed, Director, Digital Manufacturing, Celanese
Shannon Geegan Katcher, VP Digital Innovation, GTI Energy
Raza Jafri, CEO, MetaworldX
Eman Kawas, Director, Digital Twin Architecture & Connected Solutions, Thynkli
Moderator: Seth Taylor, Smart Facilities Manager, Chevron

14:50 19:50 Presentation: TwinARC – a complete digital twin solution for enterprises making physical products
Dr. PG Madhavan, Managing Partner, Digital Twin Practice,
15:20 20:20

Panel 5: Measuring the Impact of Knowledge Graphs – Effectively Modelling Digital Twin Data

  • Creating a knowledge structure through documentation – A focus on reliability and safety
  • AI powered knowledge graphs – How AI models can be used to access data sources and add value.
  • Semantic Knowledge graphs – Overcoming Siloes and encouraging real time data interoperability.
  • Integrating Data from Multiple Systems – How an asset digital twin is enhanced by semantic technologies.
  • An insight into Relational Databases – Understanding the limitations versus Knowledge Graphs

Dr. Michael Grieves, Executive Director & Chief Scientist, Digital Twin Institute
Dr. Kostas Alexandridis, Lead Data Scientist for Orange County Public Works and Digital Twin Consortium representative
Rob Tiffany, Founder & Managing Director, Digital Insights
Craig Harclerode, Oil and Gas Industry Principal, AVEVA
Adam P.Brown, Senior Counsel, IP Law, ExxonMobil

16:10 21:10 Close of conference