Technology, Innovation & Decarbonisation in the Energy Sectors

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Day One: Tuesday 4 October 2022
All timings in EST

EST 08:50 BST

Welcome Speech
Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group International

08:55 13:55 Opening keynote Q&A
Frank Cassulo, Chief Digital Officer, Chevron and Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group International
09:15 14:15

Panel 1: Understanding the Value of Data with a Digital Twin – How will Data Standards Enable Efficient Innovation

  • Contextualising, Democratising, and Integrating – Understanding these three pillars for Reliable Effective management
  • Data Ownership and Production Data – The Methodology behind Effective Data Modelling, accessibility, and Platform Development
  • The Connected Digital Twin – How to nurture a productive environment for real time Data Interoperability
  • Managing the OT and IT Convergence - Determining the correct procedures for Digital Twin Integration
  • Understanding the Bidirectional flow of Data – Dealing with Data Dimensionality across the Value Chain

Dawn Follmar, Global Manufacturing Data Manager, bp
Raj Kumar Deo, Digital SME, Capital Projects, Shell
Shane McArdle, CEO, Kongsberg Digital
Ben Hewitt, Head of Lifecycle Information Management, Wood
Salla Eckhardt, Director, Digital Building Lifecycle & Innovation, Centre of Innovation, Microsoft
Moderator: Irina Prestwood, Senior Product Manager, Chevron

10:15 15:15

“In Conversation”- with Shane McArdle, CEO, Kongsberg Digital

10:50 15:50

Panel 2: Achieving Maximum Value from the Digital Twin with Asset Performance Management – How Innovative Models Can Influence Core Production

  • Exploring the role of Digital Twin in Asset Performance Management – Aligning the decision-making process at Operative and Strategic level
  • Augmented Reality - How a Digital Twin can cut maintenance costs through operating models
  • How do Digital Twins Enable Remote Operations – Understanding and monitoring the relationship between environment, conditions and Infrastructure
  • Product Digital Twins versus Production Digital Twins – Assessing cost to implement and organisational capability
  • Risk Based Inspection and Reliability Centred Maintenance – Enhancing traditional procedures through a Dynamic Digital Twin

Maisa Monteiro Da Cunha, Drilling and Wells Ambition Area Owner, TotalEnergies
Tom Franklin, Industry Advisor & Director, Energy & Resources Centre of Excellence, Tata Consultancy Services
John Watters, VP, OMV
Denis Prokofiev, CTO, Industrial Asset Management,
Roger Rapp, Senior Client Executive, Veerum
Moderator: Renzo Quedevez Malini, IT Consultant, Petrobras

11:50 16:50

Presentation: Path to Digital Twin Success: Build & Scale Future-Ready Operating Models
Kumaranarayanan Kaleeswaran, Head of Energy & Resources – Americas, Tata Consultancy Services

12:05 17:05

Panel 3: Collaboration and the Digital Twin – Ensuring Interoperability of Varied Solutions

  • An insight into Industry Standards – How regulations are critical to ensure interoperability of varied solutions
  • Buy v Build – Assessing Cost to implement, Pace of delivery and Organisational Capability
  • Aligning internal strategies for Data Infrastructure – Championing Change management whilst building a connected and scalable platform
  • Democratising Entry Points – How Digital Twin Technology can benefit the small and the large
  • Understanding the Value of Implementation – How Tooling and Simulation enhance speed and value

Justin Piwetz, Service Portfolio Owner, Geospatial & Digital Twin, IoT Platforms, bp
Chitrita Bhattacharya, Global Demand Planning & Strategy Leader, Upstream & Integrated Gas IT Operations, Shell
Ralph Rio, VP, ARC Advisory Group
Mark Enzer, Strategic Advisor, Mott MacDonald​
Michael Grieves, Executive Director & Chief Scientist, Digital Twin Institute
Moderator: Seth Taylor, Smart Facilities Manager, Chevron

13:05 18:05

Presentation: Enabling Digital Twin versus As-Built Workflows using Reality Capture and Cintoo Cloud.​
Dominique Pouliquen, CEO, Cintoo

13:30 18:30

Keynote Q&A with Jim Schneider, Solution Manager – Digital Twin, Chevron

13:40 18:40 Presentation: Future Digital Twin: Driving Smart, Sustainable and Reliable Industries of The Future
From data acquisition and formatting to a catalogue of possibilities:

  • Eliminate information silos and improve efficiency
  • Digitally Integrated Power and Process from design to operations and maintenance
  • Unifying energy and automation systems into one secured solution
  • Lower emissions and increasing profitability
  • Optimize reliability and availability across the asset’s lifecycle
  • Faster response time, responsible growth to join the next generation of industries

Lourdes Reyes, Regional Business Development Manager, Americas, Schneider Electric

13:55 18:55

Panel 4: Fostering a Collaborative and Productive Culture - How Digital Twins Will Dictate the need for Organisational Transformation

  • How can a Digital Twin be an enabler for Innovation – Maintaining performance through transition
  • Establishing Foundations built on People, Processes, and Technology and Failure – Encouraging Innovation by relinquishing control
  • Stakeholder Management – The significance of engagement campaigns to build a strong innovation culture from the top down
  • Integrating employees in the Design and Development process - Maintaining the appropriate processes for Digital Twin Deployment
  • Managing the transition to an Integrated Energy Company – Understanding Agile ways of working and Digital Technology Implementation

Stacia Fosi, Principal Data Manager, Production & Projects, bp
Jeff Stroh, Senior Director, Digital and Analytics, McDermott International
Shannon Geegan Katcher, VP Digital Innovation, GTI Energy
Vitor do Valle, Head of Centre of Excellence UX & Digital Technology, Petrobras
Haavard Oestensen, VP of Growth, Digital Twins, Kongsberg Digital
Moderator: Curt Freeman, Principal Engineer, ExxonMobil

14:55 19:55 Presentation: Building the First Mile of the Digital Thread: Digital Twins of Engineering Documents​
Andrew Bank, Strategy & Business Development, XSB / SWISS

  • Learn how engineering documents were left behind in the move towards digital transformation.
  • See the hidden costs and risks of using static documents in your workflow.
  • Explore one possible solution: using AI and semantic analysis to create digital twins with interoperable and reusable data elements.
  • The evolution from documents to digital models to AI digital assistants.
  • Understanding where your business can gain the most impact and where to start.
15:25 20:25 Presentation: Accelerating Towards Net-Zero with Simulation-based Digital Twin
Anchal Jatale, North America Energy Team Lead, Ansys
15:45 20:45

Panel 5: Digital Twin and the Road to Net Zero – The Role of Technology in Meeting Net Zero Commitments

  • How can Digital Twin Technology Reduce Emissions – A focus on Optimise Supply Chain Management
  • Digital Twins, Simulation and Environmental Impact Studies – Leveraging data to develop an energy efficient operational facility
  • Adopting an Energy System Twin that supports Energy Transition – Achieving end to end Carbon Transparency
  • How does a Digital Twin Augment Carbon capture, Utilisation, and storage – An insight into data analytics, AI and system level optimisation
  • Ensuring Integrity and Efficiency of Assets – Using Real time Data to reduce your Carbon footprint

Amit Jain, Advisor, Simulation, Chevron
Abdullah Al Halafi, Network and Systems Specialist, Digital Twin, Saudi Aramco
Anchal Jatale, North America Energy Team Lead, Ansys
Rob Tiffany, Founder & Managing Director, Digital Insights
Miriam Archer, CCUS Digital Manager, Schlumberger
Moderator: Noorddin Taj, Technology Strategy, Architecture and Digital Innovation Lead, bp

16:45 21:45 Presentation: AI-Enabled Digital Twin Driving Plant Operational Excellence
Nikhil Chauhan, Chief Strategy Officer, Lummus Digital
17:15 22:15

Panel 6: The Blockchain Revolution – An Insight into Digital Twin Technology Implementation

  • Ensuring Safe and Secure data with Blockchain – How can Digital Twins Innovate faster through this integration?
  • Convergence and Blockchain – How can Blockchain accelerate the innovation of Digital Twin
  • Blockchain and Sustainability – Tracking Emissions through the Value Chain
  • Turning Data into actionable insights – How Blockchain help thought leadership and sharing techniques for Engineering solutions
  • Accelerated Innovation through Blockchain – How Safety and Security facilitates growth of a Digital Twin

Raquel B. Clement, Deputy Product Line Manager, Surface Digital Platform, Chevron
Jason Jones, Enterprise Architect, Financials and Blockchain Catalyst, ExxonMobil
Douglas Heintzman, Chief Catalyst, Blockchain Research Institute
Adam P. Brown, Counsel, IP Law ExxonMobil
Moderator: Bryan Kaus, Director, Commercial and Business Improvement, Phillips66

18:15 23:15 Close of conference Day One - Closing Remarks with Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group International and Michael Grieves, Executive Director & Chief Scientist, Digital Twin Institute


Day Two: Wednesday 5 October 2022

Introduction - Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group International
09:20 14:20 Keynote Q&A with Ken Nguyen, Digital Program Manager, Capital Projects, bp
09:35 14:35

Panel 7: The Digital Twin as a Proof of Concept – Understanding the Value of Innovative Partnerships and Business Strategies

  • Implementing Robust, Reliable and Secure Pilots – Transitioning from a document driven environment to a data driven eco-system
  • Governed Metadata – The significance of Data Foundations and Automating Data Quality
  • Building use Cases and Identifying Value – How to start small and scale at pace
  • Creating a Successfully Led Ecosystem – Understanding Challenges and the full technology lifecycle of an asset
  • Planning and Mobilisation Techniques – Aligning business and workforce objectives

Hiren Thacker, Digitalisation Lead, Shell
Chafia Aouissi, Senior Director Product Management, Microsoft
Dan Isaacs, CTO, Digital Twin Consortium
Nicolas Waern, CEO, Winniio AB
Arthi Vasudevan, Senior Product Manager, Cybersecurity, Nexus Controls, Baker Hughes
Moderator: Monika Mangla, CFA, Managing Director, Deloitte

10:35 15:35

Interview Q&A with Michael Jansen, Chairman and CEO, Cityzenith

11:25 16:25

Panel 8: Creating a Clear and Actionable Digital Twin Roadmap – How Can a Digital Twin Become a Fundamental tool for the Oil and Gas Industry

  • What does the future hold for Digital Twin partnerships – Prioritising Supply Chain Engagement and secure data transmission
  • Collaboration, Strengthening Data Foundations and Modularity in Technology – The successful steps required to innovate at scale
  • Outsourcing production Optimisation and APM – Redefining the role of supplier with Operator
  • Breaking down the Siloes – How we can develop a common language and common standards
  • Driving Digital Change and encouraging Technology Adoption – Overcoming Misalignment, misinformation, and misunderstanding

Juan Pedro Bretti Mandarano, Digital Transformation Global Advisor, Repsol
Saad Kisra, Head of Products, Schlumberger
Sam Hemeda, Practice Leader & Director, Capgemini
Ibrahim Al-Syed, Director, Digital Manufacturing, Celanese
Igor Starkov, VP, Digital Twin, Siemens
Moderator: Ben Randell, Product Line Manager, Chevron

13:00 18:00

Panel 9: AI, Machine Learning with a Digital Twin – Creating an Effective Business Case and Digital Ecosystem

  • Monitoring the Integration of AI and Machine Learning – Overcoming Isolated Business Processes and misaligned workflows
  • AI and Advanced Data Analytics – Applying AI versus Predictive Maintenance for end-to-end optimisation?
  • Building a Prescriptive Maintenance Model – How will AI and Machine Learning enhance productivity of a facility
  • AI and Energy Efficiency – Enabling energy transition through technology deployment
  • Overcoming User Adoption – How to facilitate direct transfer knowledge and integration challenges

Andrea Course, Venture Principal, Shell
Jason Gislason, Chief Digital Officer, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
Mustafa Kara, Ph.D, GOM Data Scientist, Chevron
Dr. Edmary Altamiranda, Control Systems Lead R & D, Concept Development & Technology, AkerBP
Ammar Sabbagh, Global Business Development, Oil & Gas Industries, Emerging Business & Technology, Ericsson AB
Moderator: Farzad Sunavala, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

14:30 19:30

Panel 10: The Digital Twin and Predictive Maintenance – How does a Digital Twin impact the Real world of Operational Industry

  • How to achieve effective system lifecycle mirroring – Understanding the Difference between Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance
  • Building a Predictive Model – Using IoT to manage the maintenance lifecycle
  • Asset Related Decision Making – How to successfully integrate process and people
  • Digital Twin Modelling – How to create an intelligent asset management system
  • Predictive Downtime – The benefits of simulation and physical plants to determine operational failures

Phillip Dawson, Director, Product Management, National Oilwell Varco
Ilya Berchenko, Engagement Director,
Sundeep Kamath, Head of Global Industry Innovation, Shell
Asif Effendi, Global Director of Cybersecurity, Baker Hughes
Ashraf Wardeh, IT Director, DAC Digital Program, Oxy
Moderator: Mark Wrzyszczynski, Project Manager, Shell

15:30 20:30 Close of conference - Closing Remarks with Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group International