Future Energy Systems

14 September 2021 

Wednesday 26 May 13:00 BST

Accelerating value from digitalization Many digitalization initiatives fail to bring the expected value. We discuss why and what is needed to drive value and optimize impact Shane McArdle, Senior Vice President Digital Energy, Kongsberg Digital
Haavard Oestensen, Vice President - Growth | Digitalization with Digital Twins and Production Simulation, Kongsberg Digital
Digital Twin in 30 days – conversation with Cognite How long does it really take to build a Digital Twin that drives value for Oil and Gas assets and operations? What are the key enablers? Johan Nell, Partner, Baringa Partners
Silas O’Dea, Partner in the Resources team at Baringa Partners
Petteri Vainikka, Vice President of Product Marketing, Cognite
Collaboration Tools for Project Lifecycle Execution How collaborative software can rapidly transform field development and execution, enforcing data standards and security

Theo Priestley, Vice President, Global Marketing, FutureOn
Gregor Deans, Customer Success Manager, FutureOn

8D Digital Twin: Achieving Predictive Operations Understand the building blocks required to harness data to achieve operational efficiency and maximize production across the asset lifecycle Wassim Ghadban, VP, Digital and Global Innovation, SNC-Lavalin
Tara Johnson, Director, Strategy & Marketing, Oil & Gas, SNC-Lavalin


Thursday 27 May 13:00 BST

Using Digital Twin to establish your Carbon footprint Measure vs. Estimate: Learn how the Digital Twin can provide an efficient and cost effective solution

Thor Schueler, Innovation Lead, Avanade
Dan Russ, Senior Director, Avanade

Agility in the New Era In Energy This is a new era for energy with technology being the lynchpin to empowering workforces & accelerating the shift to sustainable production Joseph McMullen, Senior Portfolio Marketing Manager,
Value Chain Optimisation, AVEVA
Collaborate, Accelerate, Sustain – The Open Digital Twin See how oil and gas companies are creating and maintaining a living digital twin from any information source with this live demonstration

Anne-Marie Walters, Marketing Director,
Process and Resources, Bentley Systems
Mehreen Javaid, Digital Integrator for PlantSight | PMI-ACP®, Bentley Systems 
Klaus Hatle, Services Director / Senior Manager EMEA, Bentley Systems

Structural integrity of structures using True Digital Twins The True Digital Twin by Ramboll facilitates coupling between real conditions & structural analysis models, through digitalization and SHMS Nadir Azam, Global Business Development Manager, Offshore Structure, Ramboll
Ulf Tyge Tygesen, Technical Development Manager, Global Division – Jackets, Ramboll
Explainable AI – Building Trust in Predictive Maintenance Why trust in predictive models is so important to Oil & Gas operators, and how to build trust with equipment experts David Campbell, Digital Marketing Specialist, Spartan Solutions
John Glen, Co-Founder and CFO, Spartan Solutions
Dr David Williams, Technical Director, Spartan Solutions
Dr Robert Atkinson, Reader at University of Strathclyde
Agnostic 3D Digital Twins for Connected Operations Improve operations, maintenance and reliability through analytics and visualization. Powered by Kairos3D, driven by data Alessandro Piglia, Managing Partner, Kairos3D
Luca Vezzadini, CTO & Co-founder, Kairos3D
Digital Twin: From Mining To Subsea Results that Prove the Efficiency of Digital Twin in Multiple Industrial Operations Otavio Carneiro Corrêa, CEO, Vidya Technology
Marcela Rolim Ribas, Marketing Coordinator, Vidya Technology