Technology, Innovation & Decarbonisation in the Energy Sectors

More than 1,000 attendees from over 600 companies and 75 countries tuned in online to share insights, debate topics and access business opportunities at the inaugural Future Digital Twin conference. Suppliers, technology companies, and digital experts offered insight and guidance on incorporating a digital twin and ensuring best practice throughout the product lifecycle.

Below you can find the content recordings from the 2-day conference programme 

Opening Keynote: Making Energy Smarter – Business Transformation Insights
Lee Hodder, VP Upstream Digital Transformation, Shell
Panel#1: Defining Data for a Digital Twin – An insight into Data Driven Foundations 55:37
PresentationScalability at pace, success today and success tomorrow
Shane McArdle, Senior Vice President Digital Energy, Kongsberg Digital
Panel#2: How to achieve maximum value from the Digital Twin when implementing Machine Learning, Machine Vision and AI 47:37
Presentation – Subsea Metadata Democratisation
Gregor Deans, Customer Success Manager, FutureOn
Panel#3: Does the Digital Twin need to be a platform? 48:29
PresentationMaximising today and modelling for future energy
Johan Nell, Partner, Baringa Partners
Panel#4: Change Management and Managing Disruption: How can a Digital Twin replicate the behaviour of a company​ 47:51
Keynote Presentation
Steinar Eikaas, VP Low Carbon Solutions, Equinor
Presentation"8D Digital Twin" - Achieving Predictive Operations
Wassim Ghadban, VP, Digital and Global Innovation, SNC-Lavalin
Panel#5: The Green Shift – How adopting a Digital Twin affects your Carbon Footprint 59:55
PresentationDigital Twins – Demystified
Thor Schueler, Innovation Lead, Avanade
Panel#6: The production of a Digital Twin: Buy versus Build 44:32
PresentationHow Digital Twins are improved through Computer Vision Models
Robert da Silva Bressan, Subsea Automation & Digital Solutions, Petrobras
Panel#7: What is a Digital Twin: Bridging the knowledge gap between and model and twin 43:32
Presentation – Structural integrity of structures using true digital twin
Nadir Azam, Global Business Development Manager, Offshore Structure, Ramboll
PresentationPredictive Maintenance - 5 Lessons to increase user engagement
John Glen, Co-Founder and CFO, Spartan Solutions
Panel#8: Predictive maintenance and Digital Twin – Creating a Predictive Maintenance Model 54:22
Presentation – “Collaborate, Accelerate, Sustain” – The Open Digital Twin Future
Anne-Marie Walters, Industry Marketing Director, Process and Resources, Bentley Systems
Panel#9: Cyber Security – How can a Digital Twin help combat cyber-attacks? 44:28
Panel#10: Digital Twin and Asset Development – Enabling flexibility and Increasing Safety 47:05
PresentationDigital Twins for Sustainable Cities, Buildings and Infrastructure
Michael Jansen, Chairman and CEO, Cityzenith
Panel#11: How will the use of Digital Twin redefine leadership – An insight into strategies and methodologies 54:53
Presentation – Agility in the new era in energy
Joseph McMullen, Senior Portfolio Marketing Manager, Value Chain Optimisation, AVEVA
Panel#12: Defining a Digital Twin Roadmap – What do organisations need to prepare to implement a Digital Twin? 53:36