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Aberdeen | 9-10 June 2020

Welcome to the Future Downstream Conference

Connecting key buyers and sellers in the oil and gas downstream sector, Future Downstream is dedicated to driving forward innovation and digitalisation of the refining and petrochemicals industries.

At Future Downstream you will have the opportunity to meet with other oil and gas executives, operators, technologists and investors to discuss cutting-edge technologies and solutions to key stakeholders within the refining and petrochemical industry.

We will be looking at how oil and gas companies can transform downstream business with connected data and analytics to improve safety, reliability, efficiency, quality, and profitability. 

How did they optimize plant operations for best in class performance and improved profitability; reduce variabilities, embrace IoT and predictive modelling to create an interconnected supply chain that can sense and respond to market changes.

No refiners are near to full-scale digital adoption. There is no widespread use of digital technologies and, as yet, little use of more cutting-edge digital technologies.

Refiners are implementing only a small portion of the digital spectrum and are seeing the most impact from digital in their maintenance and turnaround operations. However, the majority are not realizing the value they could from digital technologies and many are not even measuring digital value.


Future Downstream Agenda

On the 2019 agenda

How digital transformation trends are impacting the profitability and efficiency of the downstream sector; Innovations in process control, asset monitoring, AI, machine learning and robotics.

These and many other topics are going to be raised at this year's conference

Future Downstream Digitalisation

Are you Digital Ready?

Future Downstream is the conference for industry professionals who understand the importance of digitalisation and automation in the oil and gas industry. 

How can the Downstream sector take advantage of the opportunities that derive from using data and technology in a meaningful way?

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Join us in London on 1 October to meet the innovators in the Downstream industry and discover how you can harness the power of new technologies and make the most of digitalisation. It is a new era for the Downstream oil and gas sector. 

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