Future Energy Systems:

15-16 June 2022 

 * Subject to change

Day One: Tuesday 16 November 2021
All timings in GMT


Welcoming Speech
Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group International
08:55 Opening Keynote
Jo Coleman OBE, UK Energy Transition Manager, Shell
09:15 Panel 1: The Emergence of a Digital Workforce - How will the Upstream Sector be

  • How to enable enterprise adoption of analytics and processes – The steps to becoming a data driven operator
  • Developing a Digital Maturity Assessment – Constructing innovation teams around
    existing staff and resources
  • Augmenting the Digital Framework whilst dealing with Changing Dynamics – A focus on
    Commodity prices, ESG Conformance and Emerging Energy Sources
  • Improving Business efficiency using data management & integration – How to effectively
    deliver value at speed
  • The Talent Attraction Conundrum in a cost cutting age – Making Oil and Gas a
    sustainable career choice
  • The current industry standards and compliance requirements – An insight into data

Seng Teong Chua, Head of TipTop, PETRONAS
John Hudson, Subsurface Workflow, Global Leader, Shell
Ashild Hanne Larsen, VP Subsurface Excellence & Digital, Equinor
Prashant Soni, Digital Strategist, Operations, Aker BP

Moderator: Sundeep Kamath, Head of Global Industry Innovation, Shell

10:20 Presentation: The Digital Transition
Shane McArdle, SVP Production, Kongsberg Digital
10:55 Panel 2: The Collaboration Roadmap - Identifying New Digital ways of Working Together

  • The role of digitalisation in the near and long-term future of oil and gas production
  • How to encourage shared responsibility through the supply chain – Developing strategic
    partnerships to ensure a sustainable future
  • Embracing the new age of Accelerated Innovation – Overcoming the barriers of Data
  • How to successfully Develop and implement a Digital Value Chain – Does data
    interoperability hold the key to successful partnerships
  • How often should the digital strategy be updated – An analysis on process, operations and customers
  • Reinventing your business model and developing the appropriate digital strategy

Einar Landre, Lead Analyst IT, OSDU Focal Point, Equinor
Otavio Carneiro Corrêa, CEO, Vidya Technology
Steve Johnson, VP Digital, Engineering and Product Solutions, Petrofac
Benjamin Sokolowski, Internal Transformation Specialist, Wintershall Dea
Raphael Guerithault, Director Marketing and Strategy, Schlumberger

Moderator: John Hudson, Subsurface Workflow, Global Leader, Shell

11:55 Presentation: Failure to finish - the last 25% takes up to 50% of the overall duration
Daniel Cahalarn, Director, asset55
12:15 Panel 3: The Significance of Data Standardisation – Embracing and Developing Compliant Data models

  • Enabling Data aggregation and classification – An insight into operational models to
    improve business efficiency using data management and integration
  • How is big data helping to decentralise the industry – Developing a successful crossdiscipline workflow
  • Investing into Cloud Platforms and working Incrementally – Measuring Accessibility and
    Data ownership
  • Integrating and managing legacy systems – How to democratise advanced analytics
  • The future of Data Storage – How data management platforms will evolve coupled with
    the emergence of customer data platforms and incorporating a data strategy
  • How to achieve Data Maturity – Analysing the remediation of data with current
    processes whilst effectively managing the long-term vision and digital architecture

Padmanabh Padiyar, Head, Data Strategy and Performance, PETRONAS
Robert da Silva Bressan, Subsea Automation & Digital Solutions, Petrobras
Botan Osman, Chief Executive Officer, Restrata
Lin Whitworth, Director, Client Services, Datum360

Moderator: Sundeep Kamath, Head of Global Industry Innovation, Shell

13:15 Sponsor Workshop Breakout Sessions

  • Kongsberg Digital - "Establishing the Work Surface of the Future"
  • Turbulent Flux – "Real-Time Virtual Flow Simulations as a means to Monitor and Optimise your Production Lines"
  • asset55 – "Data Requirements to Start with the End in Mind"
  • Rocsole - "Actionable insights for improved operational efficiency"
13:45 Panel 4: Understanding the true value of leadership in an Agile World – Redefining
management structures through greater maturity in digitisation

  • Creating a culture that truly embraces digitalisation – Accelerating data, encouraging an
    agile workflow system and embracing innovative methods of executing key activities
  • Leveraging data to empower others – Adopting self-service analytic tools to increase
    efficiency and whilst effectively managing data strategy, connectivity, governance and
  • Ensuring effective data interoperability – Developing effective and compliant data
    models that meet current requirements and standards
  • Reskilling and reshaping the Current Workforce – An insight into employee recognition
    and methodology whilst developing a digital transformation charter
  • Harnessing Innovation and Changing Roles – Mastering the skill of Championing Change
  • How to manage the cultural shifts needed for new technology adoption with Intentional
    learning - Striking the right balance between investment in technology and people

Elisabetta Purlalli, SVP, Head of LNG Equity, ENI
Vitor do Valle, Head of Centre of Excellence UX & Digital Technology, Petrobras
Tracy Beam, Principal Digital Strategy & Business Advisor, Strategic Transformation Partners​
Esther Diederen, Digital Transformation Lead, Spirit Energy
Pedro Alcantara, SVP, Digital Wells, Kongsberg Digital

Moderator: Ben Randell, Product Line Manager, Chevron

14:50 Kongsberg Digital Private Workshop
14:50 “The Collaboration Roadmap” – How Wintershall Dea and Turbulent Flux are creating Digital Value that Matter
Peter Dabrowski, Product Manager, Wintershall Dea and Gjermund Weisz, COO, Turbulent Flux
15:05 Panel 5: Cyber Security and Scalability – Developing a Resilient Foundation for Growth

  • Moving with digitalisation while minimising risks that comes with evolution of
    technology - What can we learn as technology becomes more sophisticated and better
    protect legacy systems
  • How to manage risks across your supply chain – Developing an effective cyber inventory programme around critical infrastructure
  • The significance of ethical hacking as a preventative counter measure
  • Decreasing the vulnerability of a company’s operational and technology department
  • Evolution of the threat landscape – How a shared responsibility model and cross collaboration is key
  • Practical cases on how to prioritise on cyber investments - A focus on infiltrating cloud
    native systems

Christine Brandt Theodorsen, Project Manager IT Security, Equinor
Piotr Ciepela, Partner, Global & EMEIA Architecture, Engineering & Emerging Technologies Security Leader, Ernst & Young
Sharul A Rashid, Group Technical Authority, Instrumentation and Control, PETRONAS
Matt Leipnik, Lead Cyber Security Specialist, Baker Hughes

Moderator: Michael Lewis, Policy and Framework Advisor, Chevron

16:05 Networking Break
16:15 Fireside Chat with Michael Jansen, Chairman and CEO, CityZenith
“A Digital Twin Approach for Accelerating Energy Transition in the Urban Built Environment” – Introducing Cityzenith and the Clean Cities, Clean Future Global Initiative
16:15 Sponsor Workshop Breakout Session
: "The Human Impact" – The Role of Technology in engaging and Retaining Field Service Workers
16:35 Panel 6: How does a Digital Twin contribute to Sustainable Operations – How to
Implement Greener Practices and improve decision making

  • How does a Digital Twin offset carbon emissions - Data capture, storage and
    infrastructure development
  • Innovation at Pace – Achieving appropriate data and organisational scalability
  • The Evolution Model – How creative and efficient business strategies will be built around
    planning data and plant data
  • How to improve Asset Sustainability – Reducing the Value Chain’s Carbon footprint
  • Predictive, Preventative and Prescriptive Maintenance – Improving machine connectivity
    and engineering simulation

Martin R. Gonzalez, Connected Work Principal, Intelligent Operations, bp
Alberto Iniesta Serrano, Digital Twin Owner, Repsol
Alan Bibb, Lead Digital Assets, Information and Technology, Neptune Energy
Marcelo Gonella Fernandez, Product Owner for Digital Twin, Chevron
Shane McArdle, SVP Production, Kongsberg Digital

Moderator: Curt Freeman, Principal Engineer, ExxonMobil

17:35 Closing Remarks with Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group International
and Ben Randell, Product Line Manager, Chevron


Day Two: Wednesday 17 November 2021

“Future Energy Transition Morning”
Connecting Innovation with Sustainability
08:55 Opening Introduction to Day Two
09:00 Panel 7: Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage – The Good, The Bad and the Logical

  • How can digitalisation and innovation improve energy efficiency through CCUS
  • Cross country Investment and scale – Adopting a scalable business model to accelerate international adoption and profitability
  • Investment into Carbon Capture – Does the scalability of the solution outweigh the cost
  • Does the concept of CCUS Facilitate the continuation of oil and gas – Spotlight on the sustainability of the current business model
  • The Future of Carbon Capture and Carbon Tax – The impact of Policy and the significance of Collaboration

Syrie Crouch, VP, CCS, Shell
David Nevicato, CCS Business Development Director, Total Energies
Federico Giannangeli, Director of Technology E&P Projects and Operating Model, Repsol
Zomo Fisher, VP Sustainability, Lundin Energy SA

Moderator: Olivia Powis, Head of UK Office, Carbon Capture and Storage Association

10:15 Presentation: Designing for Hydrogen and new energy mixes
Darrell Knight, EVP Global Strategy, FutureOn
10:35 Networking Break
10:50 Presentation: Efficiency gains with digitalization from harsh operating conditions – unlocking the potential of blind spots
Mika Tienhaara, CEO, Rocsole
11:00 Panel 8: Digitalisation and Decarbonisation – How Data facilitates the role of Energy Transition

  • The Future of Data Storage – Defining innovative carbon friendly data centre models, initiatives and data processes
  • The Evolving role of a data scientist – How energy transition is changing the digital dynamics of an operator
  • Avoiding waste and reducing emissions – How Digital tools enable efficient use of energy
  • Moving away from large data siloes – Developing a shared and trusted landscape amongst organisations and associations
  • Rapid scaling of analytics applications to lower operating expenses and increase operational run time

Maan Iskander, Technical Services Department Manager, Aramco Overseas
Marcio Wagner da Silva, Process Engineer and Project Manager, Petrobras
Vaseem Khan, Global Vice President, Digital and Analytics, Lead, Net Zero and Low Carbon Hydrogen, McDermott
Neil McCrindle, UK Regional Sales Director, Nasuni

Moderator: Alexander Klebanov, AI/Analytics Lead, Google Cloud

12:00 Networking Break
12:15 Panel 9: Electrification of Oil and Gas Platforms – Hydrogen v Electrification

  • Developing high capacity, long duration Hydrogen Storage in the age of energy
    transition – The perils and pitfalls
  • The Emergence of the Floating Wind Turbine – How to minimise cost in offshore platforms compared to onshore development
  • The Integration of Circular Economic Models – which renewable form will come out on top?
  • Measuring the efficiency and environmental impact of hydrogen production – Blue, Green, Turquoise or Purple
  • The case for platform electrification to reduce emissions – Understanding the key steps in building the appropriate infrastructure

David Grainger, Leading Advisor Low Carbon Solutions, Equinor
Steve Freeman, Head of Energy Transition, D & I, Schlumberger
Paul Doucette, Energy Transition Executive & General Manager Policy, Funding and Stakeholder Engagement, Baker Hughes
David Hartell, Managing Director, Stellae Energy Ltd
Neil Pickering, Global Strategic Sales Lead, Global Services Marine and Offshore, Bureau Veritas

Moderator: Noorddin Taj, Technology Strategy, Architecture and Digital Innovation Lead, bp

Technology Spotlight on AI, Blockchain and Machine Learning
13:40 Panel 10: Machine Learning – The Advantages and Challenges with Technology Integration

  • Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning – Breaking down the applications for exploration and production
  • Augmenting Business Efficiencies and aligning people and processes – The impact of Machine Learning on the oil field
  • Asset Performance Management – Extending the lifecycle
  • Machine Learning v Deep Learning – An analysis of capabilities and Processes
  • What have we learnt about implementing Machine Learning within the upstream sector?

Pedro Santos, Senior Data Scientist, TotalEnergies
Harald Wesenberg, IT Specialist and Software Innovation, Equinor
Julian Zec, Senior Program Manager Optimisation, Maersk Drilling
Brendan Sullivan, SVP, Intelligent Edge Solutions, RigNet

Moderator: Mustafa Kara, Ph.D, Senior Data Scientist, Chevron

14:35 Presentation: Transforming how to operate with Augmented Engineers
Augusto Borella Hougaz, VP Oil and Gas Products, Intelie

Networking Break Including Breakout session with:-

  • CityZenith: Urban digital twins and the clean cities - clean future vison
  • Kongsberg Digital - ESG – An Emerging risk or Opportunity for Oil and Gas
  • Red Hat - Innovation Through Inner Source – How to use Open Source Methodologies
15:15 Panel 11: Artificial Intelligence - What the integration of AI means for Useability

  • How does AI accelerate design processes, reliability and decision-making operations?
  • Will AI redefine the future of oil and gas – Identifying processes that can be accelerated by applying this technology
  • Successfully scaling up AI – Integrating IoT, Edge Computing and Predictive Maintenance
  • How to approach constraints with AI implementation – Understanding the value and restrictions
  • The future of Digital Twin with AI – What opportunities will this present going forward?

Manas Pathak, Global Stategic Business Development, Intel AI Alliance, Intel Corporation
Ken Nguyen, Digital Program Manager, Capital Projects, bp
Reza Khaninezhad, Princpal Data Scientist, Apache Corporation
Abul Fahimuddin, Project Manager, Enterprise Machine Learning Platforms, Equinor
Sara Cerruti, Senior Director, Global Customer Transformation, Servicemax

Moderator: Marijn Bezuijen, Asset Artificial Intelligence Business Opportunity Manager, Shell

16:15 Presentation: Extending Open Source and Hybrid Cloud to Drive Automation
John Archer, Senior Principal Business Development Manager, AI & Edge, Redhat
16:35 Panel 12: Blockchain – The Advantages and Challenges with Technology Integration

  • The significance of convergence – Integrating IoT, Machine learning and robotics
  • How does Blockchain provide greater assurance on supply chain management
  • Blockchain and AI – How this technology facilitates Data Collection and Automation
  • Data and Blockchain – A focus on data privacy and cyber security
  • Best Practices in Adopting Blockchain – Challenges and lessons learned in the upstream sector
  • Increasing authenticity and product ownership

Jason Jones, Financial Enterprise Architect and Blockchain Catalyst, ExxonMobil
Raquel B. Clement, Deputy Product Line Manager, Surface Digital Platform, Chevron
Philip Black, PE, Global Emerging Solutions Lead, Digital and Technology, Wood
Gino Valverde, COO/CFO, Blockchain for Energy

Moderator: Abul Fahimuddin, Project Manager, Enterprise Machine Learning Platforms, Equinor

17:35 Closing remarks with Adam Soroka, Managing Director, Cavendish Group International and Marijn Bezuijen, Asset Artificial Intelligence Business Opportunity Manager, Shell